best japanese tattoo artist in california

Hands down the best traditional Japanese artist in LA. He first got his start in the tattoo industry in Hollywood, CA and ended up working out of Los Angeles.…. Just will take over from there. Morgan Murray is a gifted tattoo artist that does his work mostly in the Bay area. However, having a degree is one thing. This time my work was done with Danny Dunbar” more, “THE BEST TATTOO SHOP EVER. When you hear about turning a picture into a tattoo, this is what they are talking about. His skill set revolves around realism, neotraditional and color work. With all that said, Alexsandra is able to tattoo in almost any style you can image so don’t wait any longer before reaching out. We could talk all day about her talents so if you this is something you feel interested in, reach out to set an appointment as soon as you can. Her tattoos are bold, bright and will catch your eye if you’re walking down the street. Hailin Tattoo. Nick is well-rounded but specializes in neo-traditional tattoos. From American traditional to realism, black & grey to color or a perfect portrait tattoo, Mondo can do them all. Super creative and talented, Kiki loves to do anything related to floral tattoos in either a girlie style with super bright colors or even in black & grey. Don’t wait any longer if you want to get a tattoo because the books will fill up fast. If you are interested in getting a tattoo by the talented Justin Wren, you need to set up a time to stop in a talk to him. In fact, his color realism is second to none but that isn’t all he does. ONIZUKA TATTOO the House of Japanese Tattoo Located in LA Welcome to Onizuka Tattoo We have been spending many years of our craft and look forward to making you look better naked with our art on your skin. Pineda can pretty much do anything you can imagine. He attends many shows and is on the move a lot so set up an appointment as soon as you can to get a time to sit down with Man. When you look at the work of Damon Rischowsky, you can see that he has been doing this for a long time and you’d be correct. Bay Area tattoo artist Kiki Burghhardt has been tattooing since 2014 and she has spent the entirety of her tattooing career in the Bay Area. That being said, Marlon is capable of tattooing almost anything you can imagine so give him a chance and you will love what he has in store for you. For her, it all started with face painting while she was in high school. Candi is so warm and friendly it kind of catches you off guard. She has a gift for photoshop, illustration, digital painting, traditional media and tattooing. Nick loves to work on engraving projects as much as he likes to do custom tattoo work. His tattoos are so accurate and realistic, it looks like it was transposed onto the skin. He’s been a student and fan of art since he was very young and he has really shined in his own style of superflat and achromatic art. Benjamin replied quickly to set up an appointment with Tanya. As important as being a tattoo artist for Eric is being a father so if you have children, you’ll most likely connect with him on that level. Man’s genial smile and gleeful nature creates the perfect environment to be tattooed in. However, he loves all his clients and will work hard to create a masterpiece for you as well. Jason is a well-rounded tattoo artist that can handle almost anything you can think of. People move to California to try and make their dreams come true and are usually faced with a lot of competition. He also likes to fix the mistakes of other artists so you can feel good about the tattoo you already have.

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