best lemon pound cake

I flipped it over (in was in a bundt pan) and poured the glaze on top. Thank you for another wonderful recipe! Shelly Kerek, Nola louisiana. I reduced the amount of sugar to 320 gr, add more lemon juice and brush each layer with lemon syrup since I found out the amount of sugar was way too sweet for me on my first trial. The cake was moist, The glaze gave it a great shine and flavour. Shouldn’t you give the cookbook credit??? I saw your lemon blueberry pound cake recipe, but really wanting to make it a Bundt cake! It is absolutely delicious!!!!!! You can add the glaze when you make the cake and store it covered on your kitchen counter until you’re ready to serve it. Poured on the syrup and ate some of the broken bits but found the cake to be excessively sweet. Hi Jenn, I made this for my mums birthday and it came out so so well. Please do, Leena – I’d love to see! Can you make cupcakes with this recipe? Coud I use two 9×5 loaf pans for this recipe? It is a tradition in my family to bring this cake whenever we have a get together. Made this ass the recipe instructed and it was delicious. This is the best pound cake recipe I’ve ever made. Try going just a bit lighter with it next time. It’s best if you add the glaze after defrosting. I have ordered your cookbook for myself and all three kids. It became a lemon 3lb cake! Here are some tips on how to do that. But a wonderful recipe — thanks, Jenn! Hope you enjoy the cake! Also, you mentioned that the cake overflowed — did you use a 10- inch bundt pan? I thought it would be too sweet but it wasn’t. Hi Alice, if you’re finding that the cake is getting too well done before it’s ready to come out of the oven, trying covering it with foil for the last 20 minutes of baking time. First I replaced the buttermilk with a container of lemon greek yogurt mixed with two ounces of skim milk, and second I skipped the icing and instead sprinkled lemon zest over the glazed cake. Just the right amount of lemon flavor. I think next time I will add a tsp. The texture is so lovely! Furthermore, different online calculators provide different results depending on their own nutrition fact sources and algorithms. I am not a pro baker but decided to give this a try yesterday. The cake released easily. Thank you Jenn. And I think you could get away with adding some coconut to the glaze. Because it could be happening due to a variety of factors, I’d suggest skimming this article to see if there’s one issue that resonates with you. Adding a little more powdered sugar. I would probably use the blueberry cake recipe. Can this cake be made using a hand mixer? It came out beautifully and I am thankful for the recipe, it was super easy and will be a keeper in my baking rotation . This is an important step. Dryness is usually caused by overbaking or measuring the flour incorrectly. If not, it may be time for a new one. Thank you for sharing! This is a great way to use your lemons during the summer. Here are some tips on high altitude baking that may shed some light. I was hoping I wouldn’t like it, as it was a lot more work than I usually do on a dessert, but will definitely have to put this in my favorite recipes! It was a huge hit! It was fast gone. Want a cookbook of our best dessert recipes? Juice the second lemon and set that juice aside separately in a second bowl. I love this cake but I have to make it for a friend in a 6 cup bundt cake pan, what would be the cooking time and would one recipe be enough for two 6 cup cakes? It turned out fabulous! Hi Kim, if you want to use a 6-cup Bundt, you’d need to cut the recipe in half. It was delicious; and I even enjoyed the crispier (definitely was not burnt) edges! lemon juice or white vinegar to 1 cup regular milk and let it stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Hope everyone enjoys! I really want to use it for a Guam dish called Latiya . Meaning that I take a recipe & tweak it to my liking. Make sure you whip enough air into the cake during the creaming process since this cake doesn't have any leavening. Perfection I am thrilled! Lemon desserts are my favorite and you always come through! I don’t glaze them as he takes his little bites with him in baggies so he can pop one in his mouth and not worry about having too much food since food isn’t interesting for him to look at or think about. I have made this cake twice and it is very good, moist and very lemony which I love. I wouldn’t change or add a thing! Hi Ronica, Hope you enjoyed the pumpkin bread :). Still determined to add the sugar to the pan, I decided to use parchment paper that I buttered & sugared and then poured the batter in and they come out perfect! Please do not use any artificial flavorings, only fresh lemons and juice. The top – aka bottom – was pretty domed and not flat, but my oven is a little wonky. Hi David, So sorry to hear you had a problem with this sticking! So easy & fun! Thanks anyway. I’m afraid it sank early in the baking process. Is this the consistency? Hi Diego, Yes, I think you could add blueberries to this but bear in mind that (depending on how tart/sweet your blueberries are) the cake may be quite tart. Let me start that I never posts on recipe sites but felt that I had to this time. I decided to make two loaves instead of one Bundt cake so that I can freeze one loaf for later and ended up baking it for about the same time as the original recipe. Can you make this into a layer cake and add blueberries? Made it for my boyfriend’s birthday, and he requested it next year as well! It was lovely. Thanks!!! It’s like sunshine and summer together in a cake. Would you recommend that I halve the recipe? DELICIOUS!! I didn’t have a bundt pan so I used a 4 slot mini loaf pan and reduce the time to 50 mins. See how here. Thanks Jenn, for another fabulous recipe. This cake is a blue-ribbon winner! Question: Like some other reviewers, it stuck to the pan. And for mini Bundts, the temperature would remain the same; the baking time depends on the size of the bundts.

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