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Thanks, I’ll keep looking. For instance, our daughter was shocked with she moved from her home state of Texas to North Carolina & found out they had no Braum’s Ice Cream Stores. And I know that settlers used the living trees as part of their fence lines because of their strength and longevity. But even though the barn is over 100 years old the contractors could not nail through the Bois d’Arc posts because they were so dense. Using Vintage Kitchenware: Grandma’s CorningWare. Kirkpatrick shares this interesting information about Bois D’Arc trees: The Bois D’arc tree has many common names including Osage Orange, horse apple, hedge apple and more. I grew up here, and I know all about bois d’arc trees. The hens freerange during the day, eating insects around the outside of our home, before returning to the coop each night. Horse Apples travel pretty far when projected out of a pvc cannon! . My brother took this photo of a very, VERY old fence row of Bois D’Arc trees. The wood is golden yellow or bright orange when fresh, and dries to dark brown, with little shrinking upon drying. There’s a place on the back of our property where this is still evident. Thanks! That’s because male and female flowers are produced on separate trees, with only the female . Your email address will not be published. A myth that cattle foraging on the fruit could cause death has long since been proven false by several feeding experiments. My family still owns this property. After quite a while, and only making about an inch of progress, I decided that the limb would probably not just break off on its own. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Texas banks back in the day only extend credit to homes built with Bodark post and beam foundations. I take down probably 3 of these trees a year. I’ve seen some cut into slices and dried to make cute southern Christmas-Tree ornaments. thanks for posting this information, came here via FFBH , Pat. I am new to Texas Bois D’Arc trees and scorpions … I have both in my yard and the scorpions making themselves to home whenever I leave the door open to enjoy the breeze. now in Pueblo CO on 50 how strange … Many years ago, we passed a tree in a park that had the horse apples on the ground. So, I did some research. I’m not aware of a commercial source for Bois D’Arc posts, most people around here harvest only enough large limbs to use for their own fences. The way that this tree grew it formed arched branches that created a cubby hole area to play, and later read or study inside. It is a wood of choice for woodworkers who love to turn wood on a lathe and excellent for making goblets, handles, spindles and bowls. Bois d’Arc is the most decay resistant of all North American timbers and is also immune to termites. and Found out it was a Bodart after the fact. – how much would u want for them ? I think that’s because in addition to being a very dense wood, Bois d’arc is also saturated with lots of sap. So we try to keep our wood rack full during the cold winter months. It is the tree that produces the big, green, nubby apples, which gives it yet another name—”horse apple tree.” The female tree has long thorns, which made it ideal in the past two centuries as a fence, or a hedge row. I always try to spend a couple of fall days hunting down a few horse apples for my fall decor! The shape of the tree is easier to see in the winter without the leaves. Bois D Arc, a free online Shooting game brought to you by Armor Games. Required fields are marked *. Thank the good Lord I was born in Texas. Replies to my comments It is the heartwood of the tree that resists the ravages of nature, which is a lemon yellow when first cut. The kids used them the year they made a potato gun and I wouldn’t ante up the the potatoes. It was a living cave of gorgeous green leaves that was natural air conditioning in our hot summers! My mother lives in a home built back in 1875 on bois d’arc posts! Seems they rot quite a bit while on the tree. You can contact me @ 903-498-0101. for direcions, Have read. That will be a good thing. In Many Many ways! We have some on the property we own – and formerly lived on. She soon moved back to Texas, thank goodness. This tree was described by French explorers as “Bois D’arc” which means bow wood. Just huge. The English name “Ozark” is probably a corruption of the French “Aux Arc.” In East Texas it is pronounced “bodark,” and the etymology has taken a vernacular turn, often being described as “wood of the ark,” meaning Noah’s Ark. I grew up on 10 acres in Houston in the 40’s & 50’s, where I would play with friends among the roots of a row of “horse apple” trees along our back property line. And even though this post was decades old, when we cut into the wood it was STILL yellow! If you are in the market for some bois d’arc, keep your eyes out for land being cleared. i could always move that way and ride the fences and count cows .. They start out green and gradually turn yellow by the time they drop from the tree in the fall. Even with the chainsaw, the Bois d’Arc has so much thick white sap that it stickies-up the chain over time. When freshly cut, the wood is bright yellow. 5775 Fm 1396, Telephone, Texas 75488, United States (214) 668-9852 They’re big and scraggly, and they produce bumpy chartreuse fruit about the size of a grapefruit which they drop all over the ground in the fall. Hi–I just now discovered your blog while searching for something else, and had to stop in for a look. Respect these Beautiful trees…they should be preserved anywhere they are found…..they are a rare treasure ! I was reading a history of Ladonia, when we lived there, and before barbed wire was invented the seeds of the Bois d’arc were shipped North. I was always afraid it would break off and ruin the fence, so one day I decided to cut it off. I love ’em. We do not have any Bois D’arc trees around us or in our county. They were planted and formed fencing, to keep animals in or out, as the case may be. The Lazy Cook’s Wild Plum Jelly Recipe – No Pectin Needed! But we have Bois D’Arc posts in our fencelines that are decades old and even though they’re out in the weather year after year, they’re as strong as ever. Such a gorgeous texture & patina. On the plains where wood was at a premium, farmers planted rows of bois d’arc to keep free-range cattle off their property. A bow made of bois d’arc wood took a long time to make and a lot of strength to pull, but the wood was resilient enough to spring back and launch an arrow far afield without breaking. Interesting species of wood, learned all about from goog.. and this blog. Bois D’Arc trees are solid enough by themselves, add many years of growth and you’ve got a real dilemma. The 16,641-acre lake will be located northeast of the city of Bonham in Fannin County. It has a bois d’arc tree in the yard that is very odd in shape. One year there was a pile of the Osage Oranges free to take so I brought one home and had it on the kitchen window sill for a long time. I’m a native Texas, but I guess I never paid a lot of attention to trees when I was younger. Settlers sometimes planted bois d’arc trees close so that their tangled, thorny branches would form a hedge that was “horse high, bull strong, and hog tight.” Because the wood naturally resists decay, it also made good fence posts. These are not actual edible apples but some wild critters around the homestead will munch on them. The trees were removed after the plantation house was moved to a high rent neighborhood, and the lot became a furniture store. The common name bois d'arc translates from the French as bowwood and commemorates its use by the Osage people to make bows. Haven’t found any yet in Dallas County. so old snarled I love ’em, so I thought I’d write a little about these magnificent trees and how they’re used. I will say that I’ve seen precious few hollow branches on our trees here. Plant single trees for shade or specimens. (We also heat with Honey Locust wood when we can.). They’re very solid and very heavy. I loved those trees, from the papery thin root covering and the underneath orange colors to the crazy, lime-green, “horse apples”. The wood is hard…and pretty the way it twists and turns. Any input on this? This tree also provides a cover for some of the popular game birds such as quail and pheasant. Some Say Horse Apples Are A Bug Deterrent, Bois d’Arc Trees are Beautiful & Functional Trees In Texas. “What’re ya gonna use it for?” You see, he knows about bois d’arc—that it’s hard, that it was used for bows, and that, in his world, it’s a nuisance. They are often cut in half and rolled under sheds, barns and homes to repel spiders and other insects. I love them, they’re beautiful, but dang they’re hard to cut! I throw horse apples under my decks to repel scorpions. It stood over 3feet high and was the head and neck of a wild stallion….Gorgeous out of the Golden colored wood!

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