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Apparently they've succeeded -- the Topstone 105 has been the third most popular bike on all of 99 Spokes this year. Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon 3 Lefty Review. Ce sont donc 24 vitesses pilotées sans fil qui meuvent l'engin. On the flagship Topstone Carbon model I rode at the bike’s debut in Vermont, it wasn’t quite as much of an issue. But before you write off Cannondale’s engineers as crazy for going with something that quick, it’s important to note that that quoted figure is a theoretical number when the bike is fitted with road tires. Like CyclingTips? It’s an incredibly effective system in terms of how well it erases road and trail chatter, but especially for larger and/or heavier riders, or riders that run more saddle setback and have jerkier pedal strokes, IsoSpeed can also be prone to unwanted movement even when the road surface is perfectly smooth. It also takes advantage of the inherent ride quality advantages of dropped seatstays, so in some ways, it’s almost as if Cannondale took the best parts of IsoSpeed and merely improved on it. Il aurait été dommage de ne pas profiter de la proposition de Cannondale... que nous avons pris au mot. Flat gravel roads felt fast, riding on pavement didn’t feel like a drag, and the bike felt sharp and crisp when standing to power over short hills. Pédalier 46-33, cassette 10-33 . Kingpin suspension gives riders 30mm of travel with no linkage or shock. De leur côtés, les bases fléchissent également, à hauteur de 15 mm au niveau de l'axe de roue arrière. Le plaisir reste le même. That amount of clearance won’t suit more adventure-minded riders who are looking to go really big, but it’s clear from the geometry that that’s not the crowd Cannondale was going for here. I tested the Topstone AL 105 on both smooth and rough gravel roads, as well as trails, pavement, and granite rock, sand, and dirt. A gritty, creaking bottom bracket is a real bummer when you’re busy trying to get lost down a logging road. I think they’re looking at it wrong. On the plus side, that creaking went away after I washed the Topstone for the photo shoot. They were also easy to fine tune and were an absolute breeze to set up during the initial build. The Takeaway: The new Topstone Carbon has a groundbreaking leaf-spring suspension system that provides 30mm of travel. It’s a bike that can handle any kind of gravel grinder, function as a daily rider, and also work quite well when your ride stays entirely on the straight and narrow. L'un comme l'autre étaient particulièrement performants dans leur domaine, et le Topstone Carbon semble conçu pour s'insérer, pil-poil entre les deux, reprenant les éléments de performance du SuperX, notamment son châssis et sa fourche carbone et les roues de 700, mais aussi une part de la personnalité plus composée et confortable du Slate, avec ce système de suspension innovant, mais cette fois à l'arrière. But speaking of gearing, Cannondale nailed this one. Tricky climbs that I usually clean on other gravel bikes, I cleaned on the Topstone; and likewise, ones that frequently elude me eluded me just the same. Mais en y regardant de plus près, on voit bien entendu ses pneus volumineux, et surtout que ses haubans, réellement très bas, sont en fait connectés au tube de selle par un pivot. Even if you’re not riding super technical terrain I’ve grown accustomed to the convenience of dropping the saddle when stopping, making it easier to mount and dismount. And how about a more rigorous build protocol for the wheels, eh? The Topstone Carbon is a completely revamped version of the aluminum Topstone Apex1 that was introduced last summer—and this one has rear suspension. With the seatstays attaching so low on the seat tube, the seat tube acts as a giant leaf spring, says Sam Ebert from the Cannondale Product Team. Although they perform well off-road, the Topstone’s aggressive tires aren’t ideal for on-road use. It wasn’t extremely regular or loud, but it was there nonetheless. Further, the fender mounts are a great match for wet-weather commutes, and the bike’s rack compatibility works well for those who use traditional panniers. However, the two bikes differ in a few key areas. If only my mountain bike was this easy! A trail of only 58mm is also much closer to what you might find on a road bike than a heavy-duty gravel bike. That’s not to say that Cannondale is lying, mind you, but rather that any effect simply wasn’t perceptible by me. In terms of rider position the Topstone has fairly relaxed frame geometry, seating you in a more comfortable upright position. les C15 et C17 sont proposées... La trousse à outils en canvas huilé pour réparer avec élégance...... deux belles nouveautés gravel chez RAR en 700 et 650. Q-factor is noticeably wider with the 83mm-wide bottom bracket. C'est pourtant le mieux qu'offre Sram à l'heure actuelle... un pédalier 43-29 serait le bienvenu ! Vous êtes sur le point d'effectuer une action définitive, êtes vous sûr de vouloir le faire ? Sitting on the Topstone will feel pretty similar to the fit of an endurance road bike. For the sake of experimentation, I swapped the stock seatpost for a Thomson Elite aluminum one — known to be one of the stiffest available for a given size — and, as expected, the ride quality turned noticeably more firm. This groundbreaking bike is a gravel/all-road bike that’s both smooth and efficient on pavement, while truly excelling on the fun (read: rough) stuff. Cannondale was able to work that magic with the drivetrain and tire clearance only by resorting to its asymmetrical Ai concept, which pushes the entire drivetrain outward by 6mm. To remove a wheel, all you have to do is undo the thru-axle enough so that the threads are disengaged, and then drop the wheel out. Riders coming off of traditional road bikes that prefer similarly responsive handling, however, will find a lot to like here (myself included). Cannondale ships the bike with a 25mm top cap, and hidden under that cap is a flat cap for riders who feel the need to slam that stem. Those few watts may come in handy after hours of toiling away at Dirty Kanza. The Topstone 105 has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Envisagé comme un vélo d'aventure et de grande endurance, on ne voit pas ce qui empêcherait ce Topstone Carbon de performer également sur des pures courses Gravel plus rythmées ! Countering the trend of high-end gravel bikes featuring 1x drivetrains, this bike (and the rest of the Topstone Carbon family) is refreshingly outfitted with two chainrings. It gets you an even better drivetrain, plus its hydraulic disc brakes are noticeably stronger than the mechanical brakes on the Norco. The Topstone Carbon 105 is the lowest-priced model in the line, at $2,700. There are a few more annoyances I noted on the Topstone Carbon, too, but none of them are specifically related to the asymmetrical frame design. There are lots of gravel bikes out there with ultra-long wheelbases, ground-scraping bottom bracket heights, and super slack front ends, all in the name of confidence-inspiring stability. High-quality aluminum frame and carbon fork deliver a surprisingly smooth ride. Topstone Carbon : les specs ! Review: Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty gravel bike tames the tempo, tackles tough terrain The Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty is the brand’s top shelf gravel bike offering, and like many things Cannondale, it’s unique. The dictator, the oligarch and the UCI president, Jakobsen back on the bike, more talents on the move: Daily News Digest, Meet the new Dave Brailsford, for whom winning isn’t everything, CCC-Liv finalizes roster for 2021 with addition of Alison Jackson, Miguel Ángel López will join Movistar in 2021, Teams secure talents for 2021, new rainbow jerseys: Daily News Digest, CyclingTips Podcast: Pro cycling’s grand experiment, The Zwift world championships are coming, complete with a pixelated rainbow jersey. “It is almost impossible to keep all moisture from getting in through the seat tube,” said Mackey, “but there is a generous 6mm drain hole in the bottom bracket shell to allow any moisture to pass through. Proposé à 5499 €, il est équipé du tout nouveau groupe Sram 12 vitesses AXS etap, version double plateau. The Topstone comes with a no-frills aluminum wheelset – WTB rims and Formula hubs with front and rear thru-axles. Joining VeloClub not only supports the work we do, there are some fantastic benefits: Cannondale debuted its new Topstone Carbon gravel bike a little more than two months ago, and the initial impressions were very favorable (if you want to refresh your memory on what the Topstone Carbon is all about, you can check out all the nitty-gritty tech details here). Côté accastillage, le Topstone Carbon a tout, semble-t-il : - 6 porte-bidons : 2 classiques, un 3 ème sous le tube diagonal, un 4 ème sur le toptube, et 1 de chaque côté de la fourche. To be clear, the Topstone 105 lacks the explosiveness and nimble feel of a dedicated road bike, but the balanced riding position and smart frame features add to its versatility.

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