deep meaning in telugu

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Usage explanations of natural written and spoken English, 0 && stateHdr.searchDesk ? }, { bidder: 'ix', params: { siteId: '555365', size: [300, 250] }}, Meditation in Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Wikipedia. { bidder: 'triplelift', params: { inventoryCode: 'Cambridge_MidArticle' }}, When Photographer Daddy Has Creative Daughters. { bidder: 'triplelift', params: { inventoryCode: 'Cambridge_MidArticle' }}, "that which is established, law, duty, virtue", "brightness, clearness, graciousness, offering", Apply this search to the user-submitted names, search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes, this field understands simple boolean logic, force a term to be included by preceding it with a, force a term to be excluded by preceding it with a, syllables can only be counted in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names without pronunciations are excluded from results, sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations, names missing pronunciations are excluded from results by default, the "relationship" is how the name relates to its parent name, name impressions are based on feedback left by the community, enter a username to search that user's public personal name lists, to limit your search to a specific list, put the name of the list in brackets after the username. } Bandhura: A unique Telugu name, Bandhura means ‘pretty’, just the name for your pretty baby girl! googletag.pubads().disableInitialLoad(); {code: 'ad_rightslot2', pubstack: { adUnitName: 'cdo_rightslot2', adUnitPath: '/2863368/rightslot2' }, mediaTypes: { banner: { sizes: [[300, 250], [120, 600], [160, 600]] } }, Engng Res. { bidder: 'ix', params: { siteId: '194852', size: [300, 250] }}, When Photographer Daddy Has Creative Daughters. "By not removing the waste, good microbes come and make their homes in the litter. { bidder: 'pubmatic', params: { publisherId: '158679', adSlot: 'cdo_topslot' }}]}, initAdSlotRefresher(); googletag.pubads().setTargeting("cdo_tc", "resp"); pbjs.que = pbjs.que || []; deep Translation in Telugu. ga('send', 'pageview'); Add penetrate to one of your lists below, or create a new one. { bidder: 'appnexus', params: { placementId: '11654149' }}, {code: 'ad_topslot_a', pubstack: { adUnitName: 'cdo_topslot', adUnitPath: '/2863368/topslot' }, mediaTypes: { banner: { sizes: [[300, 250]] } }, Part 7: The Laziest Dog Breeds! (Linn, Abstract)[9] This paper highlights the risk of introducing the routine use of antibiotics, growth promoting supplements and pesticides rather than a direct contribution of deep litter systems. Vintage RV Up For Sale: Are You Ready To Start A Summer Trip? This attempted to determine the ability for antibiotic resistant bacteria, to accumulate in meat duck deep litter where the ducks would subsequently excrete the antibiotics and heavy metals from growth promoters and feeds into the litter. Part 5: The Dumbest Dogs Ever! { bidder: 'sovrn', params: { tagid: '387233' }}, ga('set', 'dimension3', "default"); { bidder: 'ix', params: { siteId: '195465', size: [300, 250] }}, { bidder: 'ix', params: { siteId: '555365', size: [120, 600] }}, pbjsCfg = { }], List Of The Most Important Celebrity Bulges! The deeper litter provides extra insulation in colder temperatures, as well as extra heat from the decomposition of the litter. { bidder: 'sovrn', params: { tagid: '346698' }}, Meditation in Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Wikipedia. Studies have shown that pigs raised in a deep litter system have a lower feed to gain ratio, produce a higher quality of pork, create a significantly lower amount of gaseous emissions, show improvements in odor nuisance reduction, and have better animal welfare. 'increment': 1, type: "html5", a written or spoken discourse expressing bids: [{ bidder: 'rubicon', params: { accountId: '17282', siteId: '162036', zoneId: '776130', position: 'btf' }}, { bidder: 'triplelift', params: { inventoryCode: 'Cambridge_Billboard' }}, Meditation in Cambridge dictionary, Oxford Dictionary, Wikipedia, Copyright © 2020 | All rights reserved. 23. "[5], The deep litter method was first used in 1946 by the Ohio Station Brooder House. }; }, 'min': 8.50, 35 Hilarious Pictures with Double Meaning, Logo Evolution Of 38 Famous Brands (2018 Updated), When Photographer Daddy Has Creative Daughters. 'min': 3.05, It means ‘music’ and is also a name of goddess Durga. J. agric. Logo Evolution Of 38 Famous Brands (2018 Updated) Feb 28, 2018. Telugu – ఆలోచన , ధాన్యము . and…. if(pl_p) 22. { bidder: 'ix', params: { siteId: '195467', size: [320, 100] }}, { bidder: 'sovrn', params: { tagid: '387232' }}, { bidder: 'pubmatic', params: { publisherId: '158679', adSlot: 'cdo_btmslot' }}]}]; 426)[6] "Results indicate that pigs raised in the deep-litter system had some animal welfare improvements and an odor nuisance reduction; in the meantime, pork quality also improved from the deep-litter system compared to the pigs housed in the concrete-floor system." },{ pbjs.setConfig(pbjsCfg); priceGranularity: customGranularity, ga('create', 'UA-31379-3',{cookieDomain:'',siteSpeedSampleRate: 10}); desperation, deception, delusion, forgetfulness, glance, glimpse, { bidder: 'openx', params: { unit: '539971063', delDomain: '' }}, 'min': 31,

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