dream of the blue turtles meaning

Perhaps someone or some situation calls for your help. In the African culture, turtles are much-respected creature because of their cleverness, endurance, and wisdom. Released in June 1985, The Dream of the Blue Turtles was a No. Take note of the surrounding area where the turtle is moving to consider which areas in your life need you to slow down. After I reviewed some older dream books it indicates financial bliss will be yours shortly. I believe that a turtle biting you in a dream can indicate that you are going to be “bitten into action” in regard to the situation at work. Dream About Turtle Being EatenEating turtles in the dream suggest pleasure and longevity, you will experience life’s pleasures and vitality. There is an instinctive part of your own nature that may be hiding your real feelings. Dream about sushi documentary is sometimes the status of your goals and of where you are headed in life. Dream about film is a premonition for clarity and understanding. He was killed by Theseus. When it happens, invest it wisely for a rainy day in the future. However, your dream predicts, that if you overcome these difficulties. Introverts are often mislabeled or misunderstood. To dream of a turtle lying on your back means that someone close to you possesses unique skills. As I am a turtle nerd this dream even writing it makes me feel sad. The dream suggests your ability to express your emotions. The turtle can appear in your dreams in a wide range of ways, which I outline below in a question and answer format. You are in control of all aspects of your life. The Chinese saw the turtle's circular shell as signifying heaven and the turtle's squarish underbelly as symbolic of the earth itself. In ancient dream lore, the turtle seen in a dream represents: balance, health, potential, faith, loyalty and above all protection. You have achieved your goals and want everyone to know it. To dream of being chased by multiple turtles indicates that you will encounter an emotionally damaged person who hides behind an emotionless facade. Dreams of turtles can signify a longing for some time by ourselves, some time where we can curl up into our own shells and relax, read, or create a masterpiece in our own time. hi, I was wondering at the time of this dream if you had started doing some self-therapy or self-healing techniques because my guess is the baby turtle represents your inner child or emotional self you decided to take care of but as you went on, you were digging deeper in your emotions and more and more negative emotions and trauma’s came to the surface which is overwhelming you (aquariums – scared), from which some of them you may not understand their origins/cause (no land). What does that mean. In the Bible and Christianity, dreams about turtles usually symbolize amity and accord. They are often found in aloe and the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. Their Atlas-like deity, Pauahtun, is believed to carry the world on his shoulder and is at times depicted as sporting a turtle shell on his head. Same as Native Americans, the Mayans saw turtles as sacred and closely related to Mother Earth because of their ability to carry weight on their shoulders. Lots of purple and light and I was right in front of his mouth, I guess we were cool w each other, we seemed to know one another, I woke up really calm and postive,but also kinda confused.then found a turtle in the front yard that morning then the next morning found another any thoughts? i had a dreamed early in the morning i see a big violet turtle not moving or walking,it seems just flash on my eyes and mind for a momment then it disappeared ,it seems in the sand or wall, background color is dirty white or grey where i see the purple turtle or rainbow,not so clear,but not other colors,just violet or rainbow.What does it sygnify to my life?May i know your mind pls..Thank you very much. You always look towards someone else sorting you out in your life situations. It could be that, you are the cause of it all due to your sluggish way of doing things, and thus, they won’t wait any further. Killing a turtle alone indicates that a situation that seems to be “blocked” can end up progressing in the future. A dream where a turtle is could mean that you have someone in your circle of friends who are very knowledgeable, but it seems as though those around them are not recognizing it. I remember tho that she was never afraid, she never hid herself. Seeing a turtle walking or moving in your dream, or accidentally killing one may be a reminder for you to slow your pace in life so as to achieve your goals. Flying TurtleFlying turtles indicate that you may need to let go of your inhibitions. In the process, problems may become bigger with each passing day. The type of turtle is important. Many people have good natural abilities which are ruined by idleness; on the other hand, sobriety, zeal and perseverance can prevail over indolence. Have you hidden away in order to get your work done? You are recognizing and utilizing your instinctual energies. Disclaimer: I don’t do cocaine and I haven’t slept with my friend’s wife. Would that be similar to black or red? You possess the physical power and stability of the lion and the vision, spirit and alertness of the eagle. If the idea of the turtle as a symbol of wisdom rings true for you read on to find out about the Wise Man (senex) archetype and how it may be playing out in your waking life. Could this be the reality of my dream. To slaughter a turtle and prepping it for food suggest that great wealth is coming ahead. Their ability to carry their home on their back is very impressive. If you are hunting or looking for turtles in the dream this indicates that instead of solving problems, this dream can imply that you try to run away from them. I have mentioned quite a bit above to give you a good picture of this dream meaning. What others see as a disadvantage in your life, remains a valuable asset to you. All you need to do for the dream to come true, remain focused and work hard in all your endeavors, and your hard work will be rewarded with success. Hi I dreamed About me and my colleagues wanted buy a cooked tortoise but at the process of paying for it my colleagues didn’t had the complete amount so I decided to pay the complete money but on my way to the ATM to withdraw the money that was when I woke up.

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