dupont paint codes

Paint Colour Manufacturer Code & Code No. Ship Frames To: Joe Bell "An absolutely stunning piece of art… I am thrilled every time I look at it. Inside the car on the inner sill panel near the drivers seat: L01 British Racing Green PJ 6170Y2790 Use circular strokes while applying even pressure to the surface. Apply several thin coats of primer to the RV-Other paint you are going to repair. So easy to use and had the products I was looking for including the clear coat", "It was a great site. DuPont Dulux was an enamel introduced in 1926 which was cheaper and less resistant to chipping but longer to dry. (Equivalent to ICI A22), B44 Night Blue Metallic Dupont ABH9597 F2258, B45 Cranberry Red Metallic Dupont N9571 F2259, B53 Red Pearl Metallic Dupont F1127 F2265, B54 Bugatti Blue Mono Dupont ABFO496 F7506, B56 Red/Gold Pearl Dupont W9329/W9352 2-T999, B57 Juvarra Ivory Metallic Dupont 712 M1665 A082B6334F, B59 Vulcan Grey Metallic Dupont N9145 F7509, B60 Cosmos Black Metallic Dupont F0642 F7510, B61 Nautilus Blue Dupont W9783 F7511 A082B6347F, B62 Titanium Dupont F0576 F7512 A082B6348F, B63 Lotus Racing Yellow Dupont W9424 F7513 A082B6349F, B64 Pearl White/Gold Dupont H0867/AM76 F7514, B67 Epsom Green Metallic Dupont F1001 M1667, B68 Peugeot Blue Metallic Dupont F1821 M1668, B69 Sahara Gold Metallic Dupont HY6 M1656, B71 Old English White WT03 M1879 A082B6404F, B77 Envy Green Metallic LY6K F2138 A082B6401F, B78 Atlantis Blue Pearl F3595 -A111B6203F, B80 340R Grey Metallic N8990 M9333 A082B6399F, B81 340R Black Metallic L9024 M6027 A082B6398F, B92 Arctic Silver Metallic P1384 A082B6396F, B93 Starlight Black Metallic P4832 A082B6402F, B95 Bordeaux Red Metallic X0468 A082B6405F, B97 Atlantic Blue Metallic X0470 A082B6407F, B100 Magnetic Blue Pearl X0473 A082B6410F, B101 Electric Green Pearl X0474 A082B6411F, B102 Aubergine Purple Pearl X0475 A082B6412F, B105 Nightfall Blue Met. P.O. | The coupon is often in the form of a short text including text and number at the same l, VPN is Virtual Private Networks that is the best way to be sold when surfing online. ICI P030 9053, L12 Lagoon Blue PJ 6170A1130 ICI P030 8385, L06 Burnt Sand PJ 6170X4570 O Ring Basic Ecoseal Co Ltd. JuJa Italia. More Offers Of Store ››, Sale For Today Only at ICI P030 6853, L07 Lotus Yellow PJ 6170X3940 422 People Used Advertising pays for our site. —Chris B Use a wax and grease remover on the area. Use the charts below to help you find your vehicles paint color code. letter identifies the paint type as follows: ‘L’ prefix codes indicate nitro-cellulose paint for which two suppliers reference numbers are sometimes quoted . best discount Apply several thin coats of clearcoat over the touched up RV-Other paint, drying for ten to twenty minutes between each coat. This can normally be found on the chassis plate sticker. Apply rubbing compound to your RV-Other paint with a clean, soft cloth like an old tee shirt, but not wood products like paper towels. Paint Charts – Triumph Club – Vintage Triumph Register. Buff with a clean cloth to a high gloss. Dupont Paint Distributors Suppliers all Quality Dupont. Select the PlastiKote part number that corresponds to your vehicles paint color code. X0476 A082B6415F, B106 Saffron Yellow Mono X0908 A082B6416F, B107 Glacier Blue Metallic X1386 A082B6417F, B108 Graphite Grey Metallic X1387 A082B6418F, B113 Aspen White X2914 A120B6028S (Monaco White with a tinted clearcoat), B114 Solar Yellow X2915 A120B6029S (Saffron Yellow with a tinted clearcoat), B118 Chilli Red X2916 A120B6033S (Ardent Red with a tinted clearcoat), B123 Phantom Black X2917 A120B6038S (identical to B02 Black). 17 active results. Products For All of Your Wheel Customization Needs Check out how Dupli-Color products were used to customize various wheels.. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. In parallel, you should also refer to the websites of Coupon, Deals,... and you should not ignore CouponXoo, which is a huge database of discount and coupon codes. Nov 25, 2020 ‘S’ codes were used for a short period only (1976/77) and indicate that the body was moulded with integral colour using ICI 2K two pack polyurethane paint of the P407 line. The leading manufacturer of Do-It-Yourself Automotive Paints & Coatings and Exact-Match Automotive Touch-Up Paint. Let the clearcoat dry for at least three days, then use rubbing compound on your RV-Other. The paint job goes well beyond what I'd expected. I will purchase from your company again.". Email: U.S. Mail: Joe Bell P.O. paints being phased in during 1997. visiting Couponxoo? Auto Color Library - We will match ANY Car Paint Color! Let the clearcoat dry overnight, or longer if temperatures are less than 70 degrees F. Rubbing compound will help your RV-Other touch up paint repair become smooth and shiny like the original paint. To make certain, you just need to copy the code and apply it to any products that are on sale. Dupont Paint Codes Cross Reference results have been found in the last 90 ▼. Does DuPont Make Paint Color Codes Available? ICI P030 9055, L16 Ford Tawny PJ 6170A4330 Once you are ready to repair your RV-Other with touch up paint, you need to decide which RV-Other paint repair products to order. If you have an unpainted surface on your RV-Other, like bare metal or plastic, apply primer before RV-Other touch up paint! Box 34, Spring Valley, CA 91976 For more detailed instructions, including how to use RV-Other spray paint, see our Directions for How To Apply Touch Up Paint. ‘S’ codes were used for a short period only (1976/77) and indicate that the body was moulded with integral colour using ICI 2K two pack polyurethane paint of the P407 line. ‘B’ codes indicate DuPont basecoat/clear acrylic enamel paint introduced during 1991, with water based The paint color code will be located on a Service Parts Identification label. Ask them if they know the PPG or Dupont paint formula number if there is no color code. The movement in the fashion industry is fitful, so designers are always looking for new and exciting materials for their collec, The coupon is often known as discount codes that help the user to buy a product cheaper than its original price. to 50% off. Contact JB: (619) 469-4312. You are now ready to apply RV-Other touch up paint to your car. Vintage Guitars Info Fender custom color finishes on. ▼, Come to for all the latest discount codes & best deals on great holidays throughout the year, 386 People Used Coupons with verified labels are working for most. ICI P030 2854, L02 French Blue PJ 6170Z1280 Directions for How To Apply Touch Up Paint. Make sure the temperature is over 50 degrees F, then wash the damaged paint on your RV-Other with soap and water. Let the primer dry, overnight if possible, before applying the RV-Other touch up paint. Note that the Lotus paint code prefix. Copyright © COUPONXOO.COM 2020 All Use the chart and diagrams below to locate the Service Parts Identification label and your cars paint color code.. Let the RV-Other paint dry for ten to twenty minutes between coats. ICI P030 7210, L04 Cirrus White PJ 6170X0540 Even this grandma can handle a few chips and scratches with professional tools and instructions. International Paint (formerly Pinchin & Johnson) and ICI. All these small, and daunting duties can affect your focus, The must 5 trendy fashion materials that you need to try in 2020. CouponXoo algorism arranges the best results on the top of the list when you type Dupont Paint Codes Cross Reference to the box. ", "I received the paint today- it is perfect- absolutely a perfect match. ", ©2016 JB and Joe Bell Bicycle Refinishing, all rights reserved. More Offers Of Store ››, Read on for all of the best deals on Vine dupont auto color service re fot tr3 paint color amc paint charts 1954 1988 imagine air universal paint film amc paint charts 1954 1988 Pitman Air Dragonfly ColorsPitman Air Dragonfly ColorsCar Paint Colors Effy MoomDupont 2008 Automotive Color Pority Report Finalgear ForumsImagine Air Universal Paint FilmHigh Gloss Dupont Automotive Paint Ng Size 5 L… ", "YOUR SITE IS ONE OF THE BETTER SITES I'VE USED. After the final coat, let the paint dry thoroughly before applying a clearcoat layer. You should check all promotions Email: What you need to do is click to the options ($ Off, % Off, Free Shipping, Gift Card,…) on Filter By and you can easily arrange your results. I am really happy that someone (you) still makes a stock paint color for a vehicle that is almost 50 years old. These cars should be repaired using conventional materials and techniques. ICI P030 TW25028, L25 Monaco White ICI P030 7517 B050B6237S, Gold Laquer PJ 6170A3130 (Elan sprint bumpers), Silver Laquer PJ 6170A8020 (Elan bumpers), A32 Mediterranean Blue ICI P4217215 C082B6126J, A42 British Racing Green ICI P4216490 C082B6089J, A52 Mediterranean Blue ICI P4218054 C082B6126J, A63 British Racing Green ICI P420NV24 B082B6146S, A64 Camel Yellow/ ICI P420WD55 A100B6275S, A65 British Racing Green ICI P420GE51 B082B6171S, B01 Monaco White Dupont ABN9149 N9149 A082B6294F, B02 Black Dupont AB47600 M1698 A082B6295F, B03 Calypso Red Dupont ABK9197 K9197 D075B6264F, B04 British Racing Green Dupont ABK9349 K9349 D082B6146F, B05 Norfolk Mustard Dupont ABN9561 N9561 A082B6296F, B06 Aqua Blue Dupont ABK9253 L9682 A082B6309F, B07 Silk Red Dupont ABL9683 L9683 B082B6310F, B08 Pacific Blue Dupont ABN9144 N9144 D082B6173F, B09 Silver Frost Dupont ABL9056 L9056 D082B6091F, B10 Steel Blue Dupont ABN9148 N9148 A082B6311F, B11 Midnight Blue Dupont ABK9348 K9348 B082B6125F, B12 Ibiza Blue Dupont ABG9051 G9051 A082B6312F, B13 Metallic Black Dupont ABN8113 N8113 A082B6313F, B14 Metallic Green Dupont ABH8395 H8395 A082B6314F, B16 Empire Green (Omega) Dupont ABW9320 W9320 A082B6299F, B17 Mica Yellow Spec 637CJ417 W9424 A082B6300F, B18 Medina Green Dupont N9888 F2254 A082B6301F, B19 Palicio (Purple) Dupont 3E321 F1722 A082B6302F, B20 Azure Blue Metallic Dupont L9890 F2255 A082B6303F, B21 Lotus Racing Green Dupont L9051 F2256 A082B6304F, B23 Ruby Red Metallic Dupont ABN9933 F7503 A082B6306F, B25 Chrome Orange (Base) Dupont F0262 F7504 A082B6338F, B26 Saturn Silver Dupont F0189 M1699 A082B6339F, B27 Electric Green Dupont F1613 M1800 A082B6340F, B28 Deep Purple Dupont F0457 M1801 A082B6341F, B29 Racing Green Dupont F1415 M1658 A082B6342F, B30 Inferno Dupont K9381 M1659 A082B6343F, B31 Pacific Green Dupont F1037 M1660 A082B6344F, B33 Charcoal Dupont L9254 M1662 A082B6345F, B34 Steel Blue Dupont N8661 M1663 A082B6346F, B35 New Aluminium Dupont BS97 F7235 A082B6350F, B36 Mustard Yellow Dupont F8121 M1664 A082B6383S, B37 Anniversary Green Dupont F1357 M0043 A082B6381F, B38 Quicksilver Dupont H9594 M0485 A082B6382F, B40 Lotus Steel Blue Met.

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