existentialism philosophy of education examples

The existentialist has made extensive use of the art forms as the media for conveying their beliefs about philosophical matters. An educational philosophy is a foundational approach to education adopted by a school as part of its mission, vision and strategy. The citations below are in APA style. Alienation-Feelings of alienation can emerge from the recognition that one’s world has received its meaning from the crowd or others, and not from oneself, or that one is out of touch with one’s ‘inner self’. A bare floor, giant windows, a precipitous drop: how existential! Teachers can be the learner’s ‘best enemy’), able to ‘wound’ most provokingly. It is, after all, an overwhelming thing to come to terms with. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The teacher in existentialist education is there to provide pathways for students to explore their own values, meanings, and choices. Plato’s sun: an introduction to philosophy, . As an educational philosophy, existentialism, at least in its present form, does not provide an adequate basis for educational theory. Their criticism is leveled at the impersonal, cold, and dry as dust approach to subject matter found in the schools. It means the implication of existentialist formulations for child rearing education and counseling practices are many. Man cannot be ‘taught’ what the world is about. Like most beliefs of philosophical or religious nature, there is always room for debate. Child needs positive evaluation, not labels. The purpose of education is to build character, to optimize potential and creativity and to enhance the quality of life through knowledge, and then from an existentialist perspective bureaucratization needs to be replaced by humanization. Things that make no sense and have no meaning are said to be ‘absurd’. It is not easy to build up an educational programmed when the terminology for the objectives of the educational process is not clear…. This has made them pause and wonder: how can I give meaning to my own existence? He should avoid applying labels to children (such as ‘lazy’, ‘slow learner’ etc.) This response is probably correct as far as education in general is concerned, since the broad meaning of education includes more than schooling. In short, they don’t believe in formal curriculum consisting of set of body of studies to be pursued but a curriculum, which features the riverberatory effect upon heart, and mind of passionate good reading and then personal contact. Walking around the sculpture the viewer sees that the figure also has a penis, testicles, and breasts. Man is not alone in the world. Making existential methods in the classroom requires a balance in which both Panza and Gale (2008) in Existentialism for Dummies find ten themes. Moreover, vocational education is regarded more as a means of teaching students about themselves and their potential than of earning a livelihood. I want to know about both existentialism and its application in education. Examples of Existentialism Existentialism is a philosophical theory that people are free agents who have control over their choices and actions. Since existentialism is optimistic, the preaches the doctrine of action and emphasizes the concept of freedom, responsibility and choice, it has exerted an increasing appeal to the educator, who has been shown the new horizons, Interest is directed on the ‘man’ – his genuine or authentic self, his choices made with full responsibility of consequences, and freedom. “You must create purpose for yourself.”. Mechanization and impersonality should be counteracted in school. Freedom is identical with existence -Man, then, does not possess free will as a part of his essential mature, but rather he exists in a state of absolute freedom. Students must learn that their choices have consequences, 5. Education is that which helps an individual to realize the best that he is capable of. Kierkegaard is considered the ‘father of existentialism’. Man is the maker, and, therefore, the master of culture. How many people in this world have succumbed to this self-delusion out of despair and fear? ( Log Out /  …. We exist, and now that we exist, we must choose our essence (our purpose and identity). Read more about Chris here. Having a critical indicates that persons appreciate that they have a certain degree of unquestioned meanings that constitute how they make sense of, and give value and purpose to life. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Students attend school to find out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. Koirala, M. P. (2011). Democracy must be the soil in which the individual grows. This article outlines how existentialism can be used in education. In short, Existentialism is an attitude and outlook that emphasizes human existence, the qualities of individual persons rather than man in abstract of nature and the world in general. Learning: the treasure within. Existentialism is premised on the individual. In order to exercise one’s freedom in an authentic manner it is also necessary that the teacher develop a critical attitude. We will call the choices that lead you in the direction of a fulfilling life ‘authentic’ choices. Then also assume that evil exists in the world. Men are abandoned to his own decision – he must do what he wills; he must create his own essence. The world and man reveal themselves by their undertakings. He would reject with equal zeal the problem-solving method of instrumentalism because of its social emphasis. Philosophy scholarship, 30. Then, make sure you cite all three authors at the end of the paraphrased sentence. Many people who read existential philosophy say: “but I don’t have free choice all the time!” What about poor people or prisoners? Every individual is unique. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Socrates statement: “I am and always have been a man to obey nothing in my nature except the reasoning which upon reflection, appears to be the best.” Right from Plato down to Descartes, the majority of western thinkers have believed in the immutability of ideas and the rest of the thinkers have been suggesting correctives to it. Vocational education is seen more as a means of teaching students about themselves and their potentials than that of earning a livelihood. The Culture Connection: Learners generate information about their own culture’s values and messages around sexuality, using personal observation and discussions with family and friends. . There are no apriority values according to which he can make his decisions; there are no transcendental codes of behavior; there is no moral law in “nature” to be discovered and followed by man. When they return to the classroom, they discuss and compare with their peers, and then critically examine the messages for positive and negative content. . But the existentialist proposes a more individualistic notion, that is, the “unfolding of the individual as a whole in the situation in which he finds himself. Indian & Western Educational Philosophy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. In the song, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield, the lyrics explain that no one else can take the blame: Feel the rain on your skin; No one else can feel it for you; Only you can let it in; No one else, no one else. Being self conscious he will recognize his ‘self’ and he will get an understanding of his ‘being’. As Black ham writes, “There is no creator of man. Just as its namesake sprang from a strong rejection of traditional philosophy, educational existentialism sprang from a strong rejection of the traditional, essentialist approach to education. None of the environmental or hereditary forces are considered strong enough to impair man’s freedom. The very question of the nature of man is a meaningless one for the existentialist.

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