fort phyle treasure locations

Availability: As soon as Chapter 2 starts, this is part of the Stranger Mission “All That Glitters“. To the far east of central Boston, you can find this chest at a congregation of British Soliders. 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The chest is guarded by 4 guards, but thankfully they are far enough away that you can swim up to the dock and get to the chest without alerting them. I also searched fence inventory or other parts of this treasure map(the one behind watterfall) but there was nothing too. Like most of the Boston treasure chests, this one is easily found in the backyard of a house. Loot Treasure Locations Locations of Interest. Climb up the side of the ship and you will be able to pick the lock of the chest undetected. To find your lantern, get on the horse, look for it in items (where the knife is), select it and get off horse. It can be found beside a stack of barrels and a guard dog, and is pretty much out in the open. Jiguey (565,539) There’s one located in the southern part of Oxenefordscire, near a strange-looking tree. Near to some geysers. has any anyone found that panoramic map found up north in the mountains on a frozen corpse. The buried chest will be right next to two towers. Cumberland Bay In a lockbox under a bed next to the door. Those were all the Red Dead Redemption 2 Treasure Maps and their solutions. Location. The shack where the first Poisonous Trail Map is also where you find one of the gunfighters for the Stranger mission in Valentine (its in the saloon the first time you go to Valentine). This chest is located in the corner, over a fence, in the yard of a house. They went looking for it & couldn’t find it, but there was an empty hole already. Ok, I must be missing something. Rewards: Spirits Recipe, Cold Medicine Recipe, Quilts Recipe, Fine Furniture Recipe, Jugged Hare Recipe, Playing Cards Recipe, Cough Syrup Recipe, Wigs Recipe, Torches Recipe, Bear Pendant Recipe, $1250 Cape Bonavista (179,593) Chest 1 The middle pile has the treasure under it. One map will lead to the next and the 4th location you visit will have thea actual treasure. Hopefully it gets fixed. Salt Lagoon (749,625) This fort can be a little difficult to break into, so murder your way in and grab the goods when you reach the end of your death spree. Sell them at a fence for $2000 or donate them to your camp. Went there a day after and the corpses were gone and still no map. That concludes the Les Tresor Des Morts Treasure Hunt. Located in the northeast corner of the city, this chest is guarded by two soldiers. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Misteriosa (307,195) Done the high stakes maps 1,2 and 3, found the gold and now I’m working on the explorer challenges, at explorer 8 but I’ve already done what is required so all 3 maps are not in there locations, the gold is not there either. In the very middle of it is a hole where the treasure map is placed in. Synchronize the Viewpoints in the Great Inagua to reveal the location of Treasure Map. From what i remember somewhere around annesburg. Les Tresor Des Morts Map 1: There are a bunch of burned-down houses and only one is left standing (a prison cell). The “Sketched Treasure Map” is located north of Annesburg inside a small cottage called “Reed Cottage”. Same problem here. Reward: $1250 For this chest, you will need to swim over to the east docks and to the ship that is guarded by 4 guards. Required fields are marked *. You need to clear out the smugglers in the Smuggler’s Den prior to getting your hands on the Treasure Chest. ”I understand your concern for the missing Pre-Order game item. Same, I have the ultimate and there’s no map in the prison. Availability: Exclusive pre-order bonus for digital edition or if you own the special edition / deluxe edition of Red Dead Redemption 2.

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