god of war 2 trophy guide

Vous obtiendrez ce trophée automatiquement pendant l'histoire, après avoir résolu l'énigme des 4 leviers colorés et réalisé les actions contextuelles pour lancer la course des Destriers. Vous pouvez sauvegarder après chaque défi, ce qui est recommandé. It is advised that you power up and use the Blade of Olympus for these Challenges, as well as all weapons. Just use Euryale's Head 30 times to shatter enemies then have them die. You should make it through the fight with plenty of time to spare if you’re playing it on Easy. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. There are 3 Uber chests located throughout the game. There is room for error here, as there a few more than 18 chests that can contain Gorgon Eyes. Not so much for Perseus. L’entrée du Temple est gardé par un système de rayon pétrifiant similaire à celui des Gorgones. For God of War II HD on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 35 trophies. Les Plumes du Phénix sont des objets particuliers à collecter dans des coffres tout au long du jeu, permettant d'augmenter la barre de magie de Kratos une fois 6 d'entre eux collectés. Stone Shatter the harpies and just take down the other enemies. I personally did it in 17 seconds. Each of these chests gives you something different; a large quantity of red orbs, a permanent increase to the health meter, or a permanent increase to the magic meter. Simply enable 2 of them and the Trophy is yours. Move the Fate's statue down the ramp and as close as you can to the water. - Estimated Difficulty: 4/10. Ne confondez donc pas vitesse et précipitation. The game does provide more than 18 Eyes and Feathers, so don't worry if you miss one early in the game because it will eventually show up later in the game. God of War Trophy Guide By ... You will encounter him again later in Hades, again in God of War II, and then find a note written by him in God of War III. Rip out the eye of the Cyclops before time runs out There are 18 Phoenix Feathers to be collected throughout the game. Rage of the Titans is acquired shortly after acquiring Typhon's Bane in the cavern, and just before leaving the Lair of the Titan. Les Yeux de Gorgone sont des objets particuliers à collecter dans des coffres tout au long du jeu, permettant d'augmenter la barre de vie de Kratos une fois 6 d'entre eux collectés. You will need to roll next to the Gorgon and quickly press, in order for Kratos to attempt a grab  on her, which will make the Gorgon jump away and use her gaze attack. If you need help, go to the link below as a guide for Chests. The only thing with this game is the challenge of the titans is a lot harder than the challenge of the gods. See "Hitman 2" for a great spot and method for getting both trophies done at once. Kill at least 10 enemies in the air before time runs out It is not that difficult, just attack the crap out of him and perform all the QTE's and prompts where necessary, and you will eventually defeat him, unlocking the trophy. Vous obtiendrez ce trophée automatiquement pendant l'histoire, dès que Zeus aura compris que vous avez des arguments à faire valoir. Après votre. You will notice that your health bar will slowly, over time, so it's important to try and get hit as little as possible. For this challenge you'll need to use the statue to slow time (. ) You can get 4 Urns of Power in any of your playthroughs, as well as an additional 2 by completing Challenge of the Titans. The Skeletons will rise as soon as you begin the challenge, however the Titan Minotaur won't wake up and attack you unless you provoke it. You will need to keep attacking it until you see lava filling across the platform, where you will have to jump and grab onto the wall next to it and hold on, while also dodging rocks that the Minotaur throws at you. [Urn #5] Urn of the Fates (Extends Combo Meter time) – Achieve an overall ranking of Mortal or above on the Challenge of the Titans. The second and last Translator is found in the Auditorium of Atropos, where you will need to use a Fate's statue to slow time and stop him from jumping off a cliff (, This trophy is received after you have battled through the Bog of the Forgotten. If you get them all, Red Orbs will be in their place. Guide rédigé par lapin_cretin le 19/08/2010 - Dernière modification le 15/06/2019, Débloquez tous les trophées de God of War® II, Vainquez le Chevalier noir pour la première fois, Vainquez le Minotaure des Titans à l'intérieur d'Atlas, Gagnez le combat devant le Palais des Moires, Renversez le temple dans le Marais des Oubliés, Transformez 30 ennemis en pierre et détruisez-les, Tuez le colosse de Rhodes, le Chevalier noir, et Thésée, Tuez le Kraken et les trois Sœurs du Destin, Gagnez le jeu avec n'importe quel niveau de difficulté, Ramassez et utilisez au moins 2 urnes de pouvoir, Frayez-vous un chemin vers la chambre de la fileuse en moins de 10 minutes. Game difficulty obviously does not matter here. If you collect every chest in the game, you should get this specific Trophy about the time you face the Kraken. Be patient and keep killing all the enemies that spawn as this takes a while to finish. You may have to get all 3 chests in a single playthrough. You get this Trophy immediately after you get the Golden Fleece, which will allow you to open the door. Make sure you slow down time then carry him to the next circle. This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. Détaillons-les un peu : La sœur de Méduse est véritablement énervée de la mort de cette dernière. Now a god, but still plagued by madness, Kratos must journey to the far reaches of the earth, defeating untold horrors, in a quest to change his fate. Urns of Power are magic items that give you special abilities, but can only be activated once you've finished the game. First, climb onto the ceiling and hack at all the pieces of ice sticking out from it, which should produce small beams of light hitting the floor. The key to this challenge is to stop enemies from getting close to him (he dies quite easily) as they will then be able to attack him. Secret Urn Location Guide But most players should get it in Single Player. Unlike God of War, you don’t have to do all 7 Challenges in a single sitting. It is located in the Entrance to the Underground, just before the room with the rotating spike pillars. This Urn is found in the area with the various gates and long hallways. If you're having trouble you can also just spam slowing time after every couple of kills. Once you jump out of the 'blood', a short cutscene will play showing you the layout of a puzzle with a frozen phoenix in the centre of the room.

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