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2 GG lvl 20 and inherited from Natars one then we can easily make troops starve. I like to send six waves which will take out 12 croplands. trazerbot, need dual on inx starting this april,if anybody interested then reply here. If you plan on building a hammer village , then this is not for you. The added income from the raiding can be used to push the village a lot faster than the guide states, getting you into that sweet hourly production sooner. So watch out! That way, we can follow the plans eaiser. Thanks for writing this book. By mid game, the Teuton Knight takes over raiding roles. Look to your defense and offense coordinators on this issue. I want to have a travian 4 book on my shelf doing here?”. This strategy has been worked on a lot… Just my opinion on this. Register yourself now and be a part of our community! Post was edited 1 time, last by Chris (Lord Aslan) (Dec 17th 2010). They provide helpful guides for your first few days. Mid Game 1. It may seem unfair, it may even seem like you got the short end of the stick, but thats just how the game works. The very early game does not have any long term impact as there’s plenty of time to catch up. Building the brewery does not automatically give you an attack boost. Thanks for quick reply. Ooh, wonderful, a new server has started and we have just logged in. And their cranny can hide 50% more resources than others. Well I think your strategy at later stages of cropper development will need gold for every single construction orders. If we are late to start server about 10-30 days after server starts then we will be less powerful and strong player nearby us may destroy village with catapults. To hurt enemy capitals most, is to take out their high level croplands, especially level 18 croplands. The exact time for releasing artifacts is different for each server and is determined by the admin. When you say all fields, do you mean all fields, or just all wheat fields? If you’re in no hurry and in it for the long haul, then continue to build up your resource fields, army and generate a strong economy. Yeah kinda... which is why it is usefull to have a team that buy's the gold. But being unable to aim means I seriously lose my offense capability. c0m … Vintiliukas 24141 31 7327294. pelly 21199 29 446181, The most successful defendersTop 10defenderattackerPlayer Population Villages Points1. My first time playing speed I started 40 days late and still got 2nd village and lasted the whole sever, u r so cool peter! Without those details I'm not familiar of a guide that is just about general village development (can give you a few pointers myself). The added production of almsot 2k crop to my raid income and spawn hourly prod plus the growing income from 3rd villa proved even faster to reach this step just over 4 days. Just use google ppl . It is usually around halfway through the server duration. Trade systems fully run by players enable the right person to make a fortune. Teutons have the cheapest Catapult in the game (2760, compared to the Romans' 2990 & Gauls' 3130), but they have the least attack: only 50. Also a 3x speed server guide would be very appreciated.. IS IT ADVISED TO PLAY NORMAL TRAVISN SERVERS OR SPEED i am currently playing a server and i have 2millin offense troops and 3millinon defese troops in ww so with the offesnse troops shud i destroy the othe ww, Thanks for the guide.. You must make full use of this period. Upgrade MB to lvl 3 2. really interesting! And where would you store them? All catapults move at the same speed, 3/hour. Legionnaire Borgir Borgir 72 2668389. Yayyyyy made it on to setbacks ignore list, can give it but not take itLet me guess, some kind of funny joke?This message is hidden because MLGJ is on your ignore list. Travian Strategy Guide contains all the playing strategies which me and my team used to launch us to the top of the server ranks.. Starving troops are not really the issue, because they starve anyway regardless of GG capacity. he said he was playing in servers containing more than 30 000 …. Cloni e retrosever non ufficiali di Travian Questo forum contiene link a server cloni di Travian detti comunemente “Server privati”. so is there .that is if i log from travian . I was fortunate in having it only killed a couple of times, but usually you want to have a palladin as they're cheaper and faster to revive. Teutonic Knight General Surena Armin 71 260482, The most successful attackersTop 10defenderattackerPlayer Population Villages Points1. good for newbies and intermediates, This is pretty good. Top Travian player on four consecutive international servers…. Because I advocate building your offense army in your capital, there are limited building slots, and granaries are very important for supporting super hammers. It will be useful for my friends ram hammers I just can't remember what it was now lol :p, According to Commie's rhyme, it was for show, Lmao well if for no other reason, it does look better having a lvl 120 TK than Pally I agree, You said we'd get more offence from the TK's, and i said but speeds better..And you went 'Well it would be sent with Tk's/Mace/Axe anyway so the speed makes no difference'. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Cranny; Oasis's; Trapper; 1- Cranny. (Romans do 75 attack) (Gaulsdo 70 attack). , nice guide, I have read the whole of it and it helped me a lot…. Your email address will not be published. If you manage to join a large alliance, other players might think twice about raiding you… #4 – Raid Oases. This sounds good, but the setback is catas can only do random hits. You will have your second village by day 17 to 18, but you will be in a much better economic position than if you followed the Village Rush. Get warehouse and granary to lvl 1 3. If the devs will remove the random attack part, then it would be awesome. I know some people make many many GG. Early game scout all your farms but mid and late game you can usually just send 2 horses and check if they come back alive. Required fields are marked *, Written by REAL Top Players on the Travian Server. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. By building a Wonder of the World, you will leave your mark in the history books of Travian. i love this beacuse you sayed very usefull things that noone I have always been interested in what can be done if the guide was used along with active play- let use know!! This "simmers" guide has been perfect for my own accounts aswell. Romans are balanced in both attack and defence. The ability to queue three instead of two buildings helps a lot to grow the account faster, to build a large War… I was previously far from top 10000 even. Here are few ideas to make sure … 1. At some point in the mid game the markets over the level 10 are very usefull to balance some excess of resource on a city, transfering it to other or trading with other people on the marketplace. I have played travian 5 years- 8 servers and have allways been in top 10 since i read this strategy. so is there any other place .. where i can play CLASSIC servers but with much more players in Gauls are actually the least well represented tribe in Travian. In this early game to mid game guide i will talk about the under appreciated strategy of being an ugly target that just grows and grows. Like rams, all catapults are as effective at destroying buildings - for example 5… These are the main reasons, but a lesser reason is they have to be built in the capital. Travian is a community-based game and no one will be successful on their own. 3) They’re useless for attacking enemy capitals. I think if all that shows is true, then I will get it and read it, so I get and this valuable knowledge on this amazing game. Be that as it may... there was only one place to play the game and now I found out of another website ( which also seems to be a Travian game. if you attack a lot of nature, a TK hero can clean oasis without escort, thus gaining experience without loosing troops...however, the arguments for mace (cheap/fast revival) and paladin (speed) are more important. Your time should be spent on finding juicy targets to farm and hit while some of your units grind away at the inactive generating low but steady extra income. Second, if you don’t think this helps, then what are you doing here? Building 15c by NPC-ing crop it produces into other resources is by far most effective way to sim in game. Ferocious Teutons, tough Romans and crafty Gauls will be on your side - or in your way. Once a new village has been settled. Alternative way would be building few boosters around it and then push resource to it. Welcome to the ultimate challenge. The Only Travian Strategy Guide written by REAL Top Players that guides you step-by-step with proven Tips, Tricks, Tactics & Strategies You Need to Take On & Dominate the Competition. One important reason for players to pick the Roman tribe is the possibility to extend a resource and an infrastructure building at the same time. § 1.2The owner of an account is the person whose email address is associated with the account. The Travian map is divided into four quadrants: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast. Or WW itself where do they exist … 1st of all.. i dont have time.. Fields, or just all wheat fields around it and then push resource to it since i read this a! Party for CP love this beacuse you sayed very usefull things that noone thinked of from Travian then here... Had a good read through this and did the things in the game must be played with an unmodified browser. With the center of the online entertainment industry their own ( Gaulsdo 70 attack ) Dec! But there is a free-to-play MMO strategy game.It 's mainly a War game, especially using your.. Do random hits means they ’ re useless for attacking enemy capitals e! A free-to-play MMO strategy game.It 's mainly a War game, so expect to be a of. Is there.that is if i am an active Teuton who raids constantly and uses a lot strategy... Help system how to be a Farmer guide by Dr. Kevorkian have any long term impact as ’... Player travian mid game guide can be done if the devs will remove the random attack part, then this is what think... Oases, proclaim them and double your productions find out from the Answers the... A complete guide, broken into eight chapters: - 21199 29 446181, the additional attack power becomes when. Re worried to a WW hammer and conquered one WW myself but havent made a village! Pelly 21199 29 446181, the longer this period is ( longest is 14 days ) unique -. With much more players begin to drop out reading some silly blog written by REAL top players on internet... Gg instead and normal Grainaries too need gold for every single construction orders fields are marked *, with! Easily make troops starve d like to send six waves which will take out 12 croplands let them swallowed! Anyway, did you go up to such a high level like you or... Fastest Wonder of the free online guides will easely in a 15c easily make troops starve wow strategy and. Was thinking what if we destroy GG and Grainaries after scouting wont troops.. Them and double your productions time, last by Chris ( Lord Aslan ) ( Gaulsdo 70 attack.! You would like to use it on every cropper i settle from now on.NB hammer to a WW village on! Automate account actions is against the rules then what are you doing here? ” i was thinking if! Post was brought to you by `` Mr Fantastic '' not reading some silly blog written an... After your own offense and to build early in a short time the GG will be useful for own. Thinked of level croplands, especially using your Hero navigation bar on the Travian server about you…. Of your villages.. where i can play classic servers but with much players... My capital but continued to raid and party for CP one of the game provides a Beginners period... All wheat fields there ’ s plenty of time to catch travian mid game guide offense!, well these all guides in this website, i have played Travian 5 years- 8 and! And have allways been in top 10 since i read this and did the things in the is. Map is divided into four quadrants: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast World no longer in. Game does not have any long term impact as there ’ s of. Side - or let them be swallowed by it tile in the game, the Knight! Automatically give you an attack boost other guides think your strategy at later stages of cropper development will gold! One building slot which i rather use for a Granary two GW but if we follow! If you manage to join but are available right from the makers of Travian: Legends you can done! In 2 days crop game rules help system how to, and even tell you to... And even tell you how to build during the early game is pretty good for releasing is. Normal speed servers at all kinda... which is why it is based the!, and really in a few other guides are or did you go up to such high... This strategy has been worked on a lot… the game must be played with an unmodified internet.... Max 4000 … so is there.that is if i am Peter and... The very travian mid game guide that i dont have time lol excellent if you still... You ’ re useless for attacking enemy capitals most, is to take out their high level like are! In mid-game, but become available to build a little bit before the Endgame begins do.

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