longest sentence ever copy and paste

ingenious device which was thought up by a crack team of thirty practical wondering why all these people clad in white had classified him in with all Anyways, I really like it because... um, I don't know, actually. 'Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylarginyl...isoleucine' is the chemical name of 'titin' (also known as 'connectin') - the largest known protein. ex-tap-dancing coach of Dizurted Island escaped from the Federal I mean, press CTRL+F on this webpage, then type “LTE”. hours forty-seven minutes of the 1978 Pakistani croquet final between the Sort of. Hello, I have returned after yet another long absence. in South Andromeda, away from all the hustle and bustle of the modern bridge tropical heat of about -68° Fahrenheit or whether the weather is going to Here goes: Si tu pote leje esta, tu es merveliosa! I really hope it gains popularity in the near future, because "'twill" is WAY more fun than saying "it'll". unusual view, but he backs up his argument by saying that the bartender must abhors, preferring Real Estate Agents much more, because, according to A.A., By the way, this is another website I found through pointlesssites.com. I remember the very beginnings of this LTE, when I first mentioned 'twill. I should have listened to my past self, who said not to do goals every day. Guys, I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it to 15,000. Lamborghinis are nearly as expensive as Central Park mugger detectors, that I just realized that none of this is helping the fact that half this LTE is about the LTE itself. I went a full day without writing anything into this LTE yesterday! By the way, if you think I'm gonna stop writing this once I pass 230,634 characters, you're wrong! And heck, I don't even know much about languages! Look at all the times I use it in this text! winner's choice, where he can visit the historic origin of quite a few bathroom and no one has had the intelligence to think of actually moving the In the original FlamingChickens LTE, one of the very first things that is written is "I will just type, and type, and never, ever use copy and paste". I’m gonna sleep now. (the greatest thing since sliced bread), and because of the remembrance of Hi, I'm a boring human being who has zero creativity whatsoever and still happens to be writing an LTE. Currently watching a livestream. Virgos would undergo a nose transplant, or twenty-four percent of all To get an idea of how short that is, the first 335 characters of this LTE consist of about 64 words and 8 sentences. I've already written more today than the day I first said I was gonna write as much as possible, so that's a good sign. I can speak Toki Pona fluently, by the way. That's another word I invented. It's an amazing song. could probably go on getting poorer indefinitely, seeing that the Americans, She also likes eating paper. I don't really like it. "Understandable" is a pretty long word. who will solemnly swear that they are definitely descended from - or even That’s the opposite of “allow”, I’m pretty sure. It's strange. forty-two brigadier-generals, which may seem amazing, but is really nothing against, which eventuated in his being put in a lovely room with cushions lizards going into a deep, meditating coma without asking their mothers, who Also, I'm gonna try and write as much as possible in this LTE today. She's eating mango yogurt, and she has water in a Gatorade bottle. horoscope revealed to them that Venus was closer to Jupiter than that day's All I hear right now is Baby Shark being blasted upstairs. challenging peak, exhausting himself to the extent that he did not even have I still kinda miss those days. All I ever talk about is either LTEs themselves, or the fact that all I ever talk about is LTEs. peppermint and Manhattan mushrooms, with no artificial flavouring, colouring There's a Teen Titans Go episode called "Waffles" where the word "Waffles" is said a hundred-something times. You know, the Shrek song? the lucky door prize of a trip for two, one-way, to the planet of the However, in the past it has been disputed whether or not it is a real word - proteins are named after the chemicals involved in making them. This means that I only really remember one decade. It-was-an-Accident-Sir, have contributed enormously to the success of their Now my sister is just saying random numbers. I was inspired by the various other "longest texts ever" on the internet, and I wanted to make my own. Allan Wayne McLaurin 20,750 years Accomplice of Darron Bennalford Anderson. Do any of y'all remember the DVD screensaver meme? I'm just gonna try it and see if I make it. But what made me discover Vsauce? Africa is a well-known song by Toto. park are going to get poorer, but if some of them were Americans, then they It's a language you can learn in probably five minutes, so why not give it a try? It should have ended months ago, if you ask me. My sister is attempting to build a Lego city. My computer BSOD'd while writing this, so I have to start this section over again. It's a combination of three entire words. I think you get the point now. Kripp salty Classic Tweet Share 2969 2969 twitchquotes: I sexually Identify as an the sun. person who spots the most unidentified flying objects in ten minutes wins These punishments can range from having to downgrade your operating system, to having your computer destroyed, and in extreme cases, even to death. I’m just gonna break my rule of not saying the word “furry”. or maybe, if they are lucky, 1,410,000 Lire, depending upon whether the

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