magneto vs wonder woman

And as I said before, it's doubtful that a woman that, among many strength feats is strong enough to lift part of the infinite weight of the Spectre, pull Martian Manhunter out of a black hole, and survive a black hole HERSELF is going to be held down by anything Erik does. Speed is not her only advantage and options which she wins by a landslide. Back in the day, when I was young playing make believe on the playground or where ever, there was always those kids who, because they were so invested in "winning", would take denial to OUTLANDISH levels. Starting Distance: 40 Feet apart from each other. I think it depends on wether or not his powers work on her magic metal armor and bracers, if so then Magneto has a chance if not wonder woman pulls his head off his shoulders. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. If they know the attack is coming, you can't speed blitz them because their powers are instant. You are indeed where you belong. Would bloodlusted mean bracers off for WW? The literal definition of the word instant is "A very short space of time" if time is completely frozen then you are Not Time Traveling but you Are moving faster than Instant... Also Magneto has actually been speed blitzed on more than one occasion so I'm sure why you're implying he can't be. Why would something created from the hide of a goat or other mystical item/creatures be Metal? Versus The Demigodes Wonder Woman doughter of Zeus the sky father and ruler of Olympos. Wonder Woman has a lot of metal on her current costume, meaning Magneto could hold her still with his powers and just beat her with every metal object in the vicinity. If they aren't, WW has the advantage here. Once he's up he's immobilized and then all it will take will a full punch from either one of them and he's dead. You guys think the fight ends in under second because of her actions relative to dc and are completely ignoring how marvel powerful thought based powers handles speed, not just mags, but peeps like jean Grey. Prime standard Magneto.Random encounter.Magneto has basic knowledge of WW.Standard gear.In character. Is there anything stopping Magneto from running Diana through with her own sword? If you move so fast that the rest of the world appears to be frozen in time then you are not traveling forward or backwards in time and DC Heroes do it regularly.. but Quick Silver was in No way time traveling in that scene. I mean isn't there a rule sating that if something happens over and over again we Stop calling it PIS.... Because there have been tons of these instances in Canon Comics against opponents significantly slower than Quick Silver. Because every other round would result in Magneto controlling her bracers which Dr.Polaris has done before. Either WW blitzes Mags, or Mags rips her apart. Magneto stomps since both of them rely heavily on metal. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! They slowed time to the point where no one else (including Magneto) could perceive anything to show the world from Quick Silver's Perspective... THAT'S what the speed difference between Wonder Woman and Magneto would look like... except since she is significantly faster than Quick Silver the world from her perspective would be completely frozen in time... Not sure if you understand (you can easily google it if you haven't seen it.) Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! I wanted to see those goodies. I'd say this one is more like 7/10 for Magneto. But I won't reveal them just yet. I don't really care if you see the sky as color green but I believe you would defend it until your last breath even though scans have proven you wrong time and time again. Depowered Wonder Woman VS Batman (Rebirth) Who wins in a fight between Batman and Wonder Woman after Diana loses her powers and is put into a normal human body? @newecho: Franklin Richards is a high tier reality warper... Is that the lowest tier character that you think could beat Magneto? Edit ... My bad @grandwonder ... that was for @newecho. I've seen batman dodge and out maneuver attacks like that with little effort but Magneto freely admits he almost couldn't... Also why couldn't he use these abilities against Iron Man... Iron Man was fast enough and kept enough pressure on him to the point where he couldn't even get off an EMP... but you want to and argue that Magneto is fast enough to Speed Blitz Wonder Woman with shields and blood control? Aquaman isn't much use because IIRC the fight takes place in a desert. N52 only was not(and had even a few piercing durability feats), just if we add Rebirth. Have fun rejecting and twisting them. Speed equalized, all three rounds are going to Magneto. When have we ever seen any piece of here equipment effected by magnetism? Hope you're not accused of lowballing cause those are lots of proof. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Their speed might be equalised, but throwing a pebble really hard has nothing to do with how fast you are. The fact that neither of them can fly and he can keep them levitated in the air is pretty clear one insurmountable advantage. In his prime, sneaking up on or ambushing Magneto is something even Wolverine and the X-Men have consistent trouble with. More posts from the whowouldwin community. But evidence indicates he is not formidable enough to beat Wonder Woman. If he couldn't react fast enough to use his shields in any of these instances then why would we assume that he could do so against Wonder Woman? Scans show the truth. They'd have options still, but he'd have defenses as well, and his multitasking is no joke. Read post 460. @newecho: I didn't just mention your maybe "liking" Magneto as a reason, I mentioned the possibility of it being you're digging in your heels to defend your position-because you want to "win"-no matter how logic defying it seems. Magneto in his prime... AND speed equalized? Check the CAV Magneto vs WW. Only thing is Magneto can see her trying to pick up a rock and throw it, which I don't think he'll allow if he can see her wearing the metal bracers. On multiple occasions, it has taken the full might of the X-Men to defeat Magneto, and while Wonder Woman is powerful, she would struggle and eventually fall to the power of the Master of Magnetism. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I don't remember her having that weakness in N52. Magneto. Round one is 9/10, with WW gruesomely impaled on some I-beams or car parts. After you rejected scans of Wonder Woman moving faster than thought and Flash moving faster than instantaneous travel, you have lost a lot of credibility for me. Even a bloodlusted WW doesn't have a lot of chance of one shotting someone with the kind of layered defense of a constant target like Magneto in his universe, or just the innate paranoia of a dude raised in Auschwitz. Here's a hint: The other shows proofs (irrefutable scans) and facts, the other is saying his opinion to the death. When and where has any piece of her equipment Breast Plate or otherwise ever been stated to be metal or vulnerable to magnetism? Thought is Not different in the DC Universe... Maybe you're confusing Cognition (Thought) with Perception... Every character with Super Speed, whether it be a Marvel or DC character, has heightened Perception to match their Speed, becasue they obviously wouldn't be able to function if they were moving faster than their minds could process information... DC Simply has more notable characters with Super Speed and better speed feats in general... but thought Itself has never been different. Wonder Woman & Aquaman (Wonder Woman 2017 + Justice League 2017 + Aquaman 2018) … His attention will not be elsewhere.. Ww very well could win which I have said a thousand times already but not by insta speed blitz. There are plenty people more powerful than mags and prethera of ways to beat him, I just disagree that speed is one of those ways... @allcreation: OK I am going to try this one more time... You are confused because you look at marvel and dc as the same,, you think thought process is relative to how fast physically a person is which is not the case. 1 Could Defeat: The Flash Connected to the … Diana can withstand the centre of the earth and take punches from Superman but she is susceptible to piercieng damage. Magneto would win this. Diana had the speed and skill to lasso Barry Allen Flash on at least TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS (showing that this feat wasn't a fluke). He can do the same or similar to WW. wonder woman can't move without disturbing the magnetic field which means mags will be able to react no differently than any other speedster. If those kids persisted in this behavior, it wasn't long before nobody wanted to deal with them, and they were avoided.

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