nisd employee dress code

Tears, rips or frays in jeans must be at the knee level or below. Some schools at Northside ISD have elected to have their students wear uniforms to school as a requirement. Unconventional colored, multi-colored or spiked, Mohawk or Fohawk hairstyles are not permitted. Students enrolled in these classes shall be informed of those regulations and are expected to conform while in these classes. Please check with your child's school for more specific information regarding uniforms. The rules adopted by the board must designate a source of funding to be used to provide uniforms for economically disadvantaged students. Hiring Process Drug Test Interviews Salaries Working Hours Background Check Benefits Working Environment CEO Dress Code Part Time Jobs Working Culture Job Opportunities Office Locations Promotion Shifts Work from Home Work Life Balance. The district’s dress code is implemented (Section D page 7); therefore, students will be expected to follow the guidelines set forth by the district. Earrings, like all jewelry must be school appropriate, and earlobe spikes and/or spacers are prohibited. Hair must be neat and clean. Dress code standards are extended to extra-curricular activities held on the campus. The Student-Parent Handbooks provide more information regarding uniforms. See questions about Clear. App Hosting; eSchool TAC (Chrome Only) Frontline; Mail Portal; Network Password Reset. Provide the company code HCA747 and the employee’s Social Security Number. ● Body art in any form to include writing on skin, distracting or inappropriate stickers, and glitter is prohibited. NISD affirms its commitment to ensuring people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to access online information and functionality. ● No sunglasses, or non-prescription glasses, will be allowed while in school building. ● Tattoos should be covered at all times. Tight fitting pants (e.g., tights, Spandex, bicycle pants) are also prohibited. Information regarding these uniforms can be found in Section A of the student handbook. We acknowledge that students form close association/friendships. In order to exercise one of these options, the parent or guardian must provide a written statement that states a religious or philosophical objection to the uniform requirement that the board determines is bona fide. What part of the page would you like to print? ● Insignias or initials, lines, designs etched in the eyebrows, hair or any part of the scalp are not permitted. "Placing Safety and the Learning Environment First". Body piercing jewelry is prohibited except for rings, studs or other traditional jewelry worn in the ear. Specifically, oversized clothing, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps, exposed backs or midriffs, and see-through garments are not permitted. In grades three through twelve, skirts, dresses, and culottes must be no more than four inches above the top of the kneecap. Gang activities and gang involvement are described as but not limited to the following: Wearing, possessing, using, distributing, displaying, or selling any clothing, jewelry, emblems, badges, symbols, signs, graffiti, or other things which are evidence of membership or affiliation in a gang. ● Hair must be neat and clean. ● Capri/ Cargo pants should be no less than one inch below the kneecap for both boys and girls. The Student-Parent Handbooks provide more information regarding uniforms. Shorts and skorts may be worn at the elementary school level. ● Inappropriate, indecent, suggestive, low cut, excessively tight, or distracting clothing (some examples: sexual slogans, gangs, tobacco, alcohol products drugs or violence) will not be allowed. Pants should be cotton or cotton polyester twill. Students are prohibited from gang involvement or gang activities while at school, at any school facility, at any school-sponsored activity, or on a school bus. If you believe any online information or functionality is currently inaccessible, contact Melissa Shawn, communications and web specialist at 817-215-0135 or Students must wear pants. If the board determines that requiring school uniforms would improve the learning environment at a school in the district, the board may adopt rules that require students at that school to wear school uniforms. In an effort to promote a safe and positive school environment conducive for learning the following will be enforced: ● Undergarments are not to be worn as outer garments, including pajama tops or bottoms. Regulations shall be established concerning the grooming of students for those classes where safety in the use of power machinery and sanitary conditions in food preparation is mandatory. Tongue rings and tongue studs are not permitted. Parents may contact the administration offices at their child's school for specific information on standardized dress requirements. There should not be a cut or slit in the clothing that extends beyond the four inch limit. Indecent/inappropriate patches, writings, or drawings on clothing are prohibited. Submitting this form will email your Webmaster with a request to unlock this account. This includes patches, drawings, or writing on clothing. Northside ISD 5900 Evers Road, San Antonio TX 78238 P: 210-397-8500 Sitemap Network Password Reset ... NISD Dress Code. Because fads in dress and grooming are subject to sudden and sometimes radical change, a basic rule to remember is that student dress and grooming should not be suggestive, indecent or unusual as to detract from the classroom environment. When those associations/friendships are expressed outwardly by the wearing of specific colors or displaying of jewelry items that stand out from the general student body disciplinary action may ensue. Students who attend campuses requiring uniforms should follow their specific campus standardized dress code. All pants are to be full length (Capri pants should be no less than four inches below the bottom of the kneecap) and worn at the waist (no "sagging" or "bagging"). In order to help insure proper and acceptable behavior on the part of the student, it becomes necessary to establish certain guidelines to aid parents and students in selecting the proper attire for school wear. ● All Shirts/Tops must be worn appropriately-baggy & long shirts below the buttock are not acceptable. Shorts or sweat pants are NOT allowed. ies-web-v2-2 Copyright © 2001-2020. ● House shoes/slippers/shower shoes/and athletic sides are not permitted. Dress code standards are extended to extra-curricular activities held on the campus. Unconventional colored, multi-colored or spiked or Mohawk hair styles are not permitted. No other body piercing jewelry is allowed. The following guidelines apply to SLACKS OR PANTS: The campus required khaki pants for boys and khaki pants or skirts for girls. Cut-offs and intentionally frayed pants are also prohibited. Students not complying with the dress code may be removed from the regular school setting until the parent is able to provide appropriate attire. Final determination of acceptable dress code and grooming rests with the principal or his/her designee. Changes in dress code, deemed appropriate and necessary by the school principal, may be announced, implemented and enforced during the course of the academic school year. Employers have the right to project the image of their choosing and may implement whatever dress guidelines they feel are appropriate, as long as they do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, disability, or any other federally protected status. However, because of health and safety factors, because of the influence of dress and grooming on students' attitude and behavior, and because of the need to prevent disruptive influences and preserve the academic environment of the school, student dress and grooming are proper concerns of teachers and administrators. Because fads in dress and grooming are subject to sudden, and sometimes radical change, a basic rule to remember is that student dress and grooming should not be suggestive or indecent, or so bizarre and unusual as to detract from the classroom environment. The campus administration, after consulting with the School Advisory Team and considering school/community needs, may have additional dress or grooming regulations that are campus specific.

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