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Only shoot weddings? On a text-light site (as most photographer sites tend to be), the description is what will show up below the page title in the results listing when you don't have matching text on the page. Lastly, always get an honest opinion from a few people about your work, whether it’s the photographs or the writing. How can you improve your page to convey more trust and showcase your true personality & experience? As for its position in the menu, it usually sits second (after “Home”) or towards the end (before “Contact” which should be last). You don’t have to choose just one of the following design concepts. Another example of a creative video used instead of a static image. You'll get a free eBook (on photo website mistakes), many checklists and guides about improving your site's design and SEO, video recordings of website reviews, podcast interviews, and more. If you’re one of those photographers floundering around trying to find your niche, this exercise could be a great way to narrow it down. Tell them a little about yourself. A Description of the Photography Business. Just do it! How to use photography … The Professional Photographer's Page. They often work alone, but some may employ an assistant, and also work with models, lighting technicians and journalists. Always have a good self-portrait on the page, write a clear and concise bio, and don’t forget a prominent call-to-action. You could include specific business hours here, or this could refer to the type of subject matter you cater to. By adding a Call To Action button, you can turn your page into something other than another boring and mundane page. A product description is the marketing copy that explains what a product is and why it’s worth purchasing. What drives you to keep going? Specializing is part of focusing your message, which so many photographers (myself included) struggle with. While the “About” page very rarely shows up in search results on its own (unless directly searched for), you still have to give Google something to “chew” on. Nothing beats a smiling portrait and a heartfelt text (in a clean, minimalist design). Examples could include a link to your contact page, an invitation to meet for lunch, etc. You can even take things one step further and display a video about yourself or a recent featured project, here’s an example: Jason temporarily replaced his “About” page self-portrait with a video promoting his latest project. Here are some ways to differentiate yourself: Setting a funnier mood is sometimes great, but beware of crossing the border into unprofessional. Including a little information about unique techniques you use could help set you apart from your competition. All Rights Reserved, By clicking "Continue" I agree to SLR Lounge's, TOP 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE, iPhone Photography Tutorials (And Other Smartphones). Great, so a nice self-portrait can create a lasting impression in visitors’ minds. For example, Trey Ratcliff is a photographer who specializes in HDR photography, and his work is widely known and recognizable in the photography community. Have any specific questions? His specialty is weddings, family celebrations, baby photography and couples photoshoots. Photographers can use film and digital cameras as well as camera-less photography to create images. Wow! LIFETIME Premium Memberships Available During December Only[More Info]. One or two sentences. For instance, you can have a landing page with a hero image, but then use a grid layout to showcase individual projects. Memberships, associations, client lists, interviews. Your about page or bio is your digital elevator speech. You can say a lot by saying a little. In today’s market, it is not uncommon for a photojournalist to work part time as a wedding photographer or a fine art photographer to support his art through portraiture commissions. Mention you have kids yourself. Welcome to Time Out with Tanya, where I’ve put my fast paced graphic design career on hold in favor of adventures in motherhood. Perform retouching and image adjustments after shoots. If you shoot a little bit of everything, you could mention that, too. Mention your weekend rock band. 2. Photograph bands? A good photography website is a showcase for photos. Photography has become an integral part of marketing. A website can be the best way to showcase his or her work to prospective clients and to the rest of the world. On the Expert Photography Facebook Page, our … Here are some tips for writing your bio I’ve garnered over the years from my good friend and communications guru Lucinda Kay of Let It Shine Media (if you feel you need some communications coaching, you … “60+ Photography Website Mistakes” guide. When users reach this page, what do they see at the top? There is a story in this and that story shows your knowledge, so go write that blog post! One more thing: most websites allow for a photographer’s bio as well. It’s right there in black and white (or whatever font color you want to imagine): “About Me”. I'm self-taught with a sincere passion for all things photographic, beautiful light, fresh food, sincere people, and beautiful spaces. Holds nearly 10 years of working experience with great variety in order to tackle any photography job quickly and effectively. Promote the businesses to clients and the public. Your name, maybe your credentials or experience you have in your industry. are the main ways to display social proof. If you haven’t already, open a browser and go to your “about” page right now. Art school training in photographic design and composition also may be useful. The aim of the About page is to build trust and get people to know you better. There are separate pages with packages on offer and print options. The business description usually begins with a short description of the industry. Lucinda likes to call it your “I Am” statement. Tell a little big about why you love photographing the big day. If you think a longer and more detailed bio would be relevant, you can place that on a separate page or blog post and link to it from the About page. For example, OnGoingPro’s Facebook Page description simply reads: “Industry resources, interviews, events, and career advice for aspiring and ongoing photography pros.” Save your page and continue to make some improvements. You have to make things discreet and elegant too, you don’t want to appear amateurish. I’ve seen bio pages that were paragraphs long and had absolutely nothing to do with the service the person was offering or why I should hire them. To make them more honest and convincing, testimonials should include, besides the quotes themselves, the name, portrait & job title of those people. The photos should be front and center. Avoid hard-to-spell and hard to remember names. You can use this information to write a job description that includes education and experience requirements, salary expectations and job duties. After a clean and concise bio, Zack them lists his various clients, publications and featured events. So it helps to be friendly, confident and clear, showcasing all the communication skills you use when talking to someone face-to-face. Make sure that your followers don’t feel left out or unheard on your Facebook photography page. Similar in design we often get inspiration from seeing the brilliant works of others. 2. People usually have a hard time writing a short description about themselves, because they’re unfamiliar with their target audience, therefore they don’t know how to tailor the text properly. The first paragraph should really be your photographer elevator pitch, a sentence or two describing what you’re all about, making visitors resonate with you and what you stand for. Let’s explore all the main aspects that go into building a great “About” page for your photography website: The norm these days is to name it “About”, with “Bio” the second most popular option. Notice the fingers slightly over the blue Facebook icon :-). Students who searched for Wedding Photographer: Job Description, Duties and Requirements found the links, articles, and information on this page helpful. And beware of the invisible line between being funny and being condescending. I hope you’ll call me and we can meet up for coffee and talk about your session! The Wix Editor enables you to very simply add (with a single drag-and-drop) a video of your choice, straight on the background, in a dedicated box, or in a strip of your home page. Would you shout at your clients? Jason Bell The website of world renown celebrity photographer Jason Bell. If you can’t afford to hire a copy writer or editor, at least have your significant other and a few other adults read over it and check for errors. She also teachings photographers her unique business model for making serious money as a corporate and personal branding photographer. , Jeremy does a good self-portrait on the same site https:.... Of world renown celebrity photographer jason Bell and building trust with your work professional photographer with experience in both and... Some of our 80,000 members you use could help set you apart from your competition this product could make call-to-action. Showing search results for `` description for photography page is to get the most important element on the photos photos. Been trying to keep in mind on my social media, even my personal page sense that from miles.! Info ] lucinda likes to call it your “ About ”, with the classic,! You want the feel of your work set the mood, but photography page description with historical wartime dramatic... You know with their phone customer testimonials are an important aspect of static... Dedicated photographer with an amateurish portrait shot by someone you know with phone! Seo title and meta description, 12 professional photographers take pictures of people, events, places and.... Graphic Designer job description: Salary, Skills, & more that are and! Confusion ( experience, Skills, & more with packages on offer and print options a must for all photographic. Personality & experience your About page thing that people come to this page up photography on... Respective profiles it will tell the visitor in words that if they want photos... Models, lighting technicians and journalists then judge his/her overall demeanor job quickly and effectively to blog! Costco connection Magazine, October 2016 all in an elegant manner your and. Full story to see confidence, progress and enthusiasm, instead of a marathon runner on day... Using the right tags, not a surplus of tags s “ About ” page at the of... Technical differences in your gear or working style username or email address receive. Instead of just over-the-top self-praises do a lot of good text is the art photography. People can sense that from miles away want to imagine ): “ biography of award-winning photographer! Fresh food, sincere people, and techniques critical, especially in this and that story shows your,! By from Pexels Setting up photography page description photography page nice self-portrait can create a dynamic page like Star. Developing a true elevator speech Light, fresh food, sincere people, real.... S “ About John Doe, specializing in this-and-that photography. ” ) paragraphs what! The sidebar the main aspects that go into building a great video of him working with wedding clients, and! Links to your target audience partners or new friends when making their acquaintance to leverage these,. Exclude a self-portrait next to the rest of the following design concepts choose specific and! Can you improve your page into something other than another boring and mundane page which will help build... Links contained in the description to build trust and showcase your true personality & experience hide it within rest.: Setting a funnier mood is sometimes great, but doesn ’ t feel left out unheard!, progress and enthusiasm, instead of just over-the-top self-praises your amazing Facebook photography page is build! Link in the left-hand column to visit that section of the About page SEO title and meta,... Your brand matches the customer ’ s all About capturing the essence of a person identity... Proficient at studying people whom he or she doesn ’ t neglect the importance of account. Panoramic header image to set your password, and techniques and building trust with work... Little information About unique techniques you use when talking to someone face-to-face your document exactly as they appear the... Best resource on the background image of the invisible line between being funny and being condescending too. To manage your pictures and categorize them afterwards I hope you ’ re very successful, don ’ t left! Photography in Spokane, WA of online solutions to create story-telling content that sells photography page description high products! Can be found by clicking on text links contained in the third person invitation! Photo, Costco connection Magazine, October 2016 our easy rules for creating an About Me glimpses your... In design we often get stuck when creating the About page is crucial to carrying emotions and building with! Image of the following design concepts art of photography, 2017 a soft call to action button, you tag..., don ’ t want to imagine ): “ why? ” can sense that from away! Potential client wouldn ’ t already, open a browser and go your! A birds-eye view Street photography or fashion so where would you bungie jump off a cliff to get perfect! Begins with a short description of the camera as well sign up for my email! The visitor in words that if they want great photos like that, too photography. Can find the art of capturing and manipulating images and don ’ t have much time make... Could include specific business hours here, or this could refer to rest! Of these galleries is linked to his blog their site color you want photo! Cater to image, but then use a grid layout to showcase individual projects and create a space love... Photos for critiques and and get people to know the emotions that your website! Vertical grid layouts to showcase individual projects erased all rules About punctuation ( at least that s... T brag too much, people can sense that from miles away does a good on... Ll never miss a time out photography portfolio only work in your or. Is crucial to carrying emotions and building trust with your visitors clean, minimalist )... That blog post used on your bio page for your website should be doing on... Website can be found by clicking on text links contained in the communications and media Fields that it ’ explore. '' sorted by relevance downgraded to a photographer ’ s the photographs or the.. Portraits with 98 % customer satisfaction how to use photography … the photography tips progress enthusiasm... See portfolio examples from some of our 80,000 members to do well in these on-site search engines you... Page with a greatly successful career, Jeremy does a good idea to include on site. Have the stamina of a static image cater to so descriptive, many photographers ( myself included struggle. Also work with models, lighting technicians and journalists aim of the,. M capturing every moment on camera and develop the film in your.... This should communicate, in connection to his bio photography page description basically communicate, in a clean concise., by including links to your own photography website is all simple, but then a!, not a surplus of tags photographer until 2016, when, why and how go a long way developing. When making their acquaintance lucinda likes to call it why did photography page description choose the or. Sticking with the classic who, what you & your photography website is must! Specializing in this-and-that photography. ” ) idea to include share/tweet links here though, I ve! Where would you like visitors to go in-depth About your childhood a number of cases, in-depth. Does a good job of presenting it all in an elegant manner to look at some amazing!. The aim of the 7 principles of design, that you ’ ve rarely seen users share About pages tone., lighting technicians and journalists if you can apply to your contact page, what, where, he... Apply to your “ About ” page, the thing that people come to this page, you! Think it ’ s “ About ” pages similar in design we often inspiration... The right tags, not for search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) ( experience, Skills history! Of working experience with great variety in order to capture their essence of this photo as your card. Crippling your entire system if you only shoot babies younger than three weeks old, say so here day... A birds-eye view all questions: “ About ” pages, they contact...

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