reserved list mtg prices

One thing to think about; Magic design teams wprk about 2-3 years in advance. The cards needed by other formats, to the extent that those formats are played, will stick, the ones needed in EDH may stick but most of these will tail off. However, my question, why are cards that are NOT on the reserve list fetching any high prices at all? It's created for you to track … 1. form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. This makes the relative high price of those cards (that are useful in the game) make sense. And they never reprinted the original art, which was a jilliion times more cool. Another part of me thinks that someday something will have to be done. Some cards are very hard to reprint with how wotc goes about things. This makes the relative high price of those cards (that are useful in the game) make sense. But as more and more cards rise up and become inaccessible, we will face an entire class of cards that your average player will never be able to afford but still have to play against. Just because cradle is multi hundred dollar card. This is covered pretty extensively (and thoughtfully) by MtgGoldfish in their article How Wizards Manages its Savings Account. Press J to jump to the feed. Twister vs Echo of Eons, the flashback is a real upside; if they counter my topdeck twister, I just pass. Sounds like players are ganna need to be good and have sponsors. You are at the mercy of Wotc. Collectability isn't impaired by reprints, as long as they are easily distinguishable. EDH is not a tournament format therefore it makes no sense to betray the reserved list promise. Still though, cards in high demand like chalice and cavern shrug off reprints because the demand is so high as long as they arnt reprinted into oblivion, For example, they don't own a lot of older arts, and would have to negotiate and pay the old artists or their estates, which is more expensive than simply commissioning a new piece. Some cards are old border, some are plain specific, some are judge promos, or buy a box promos. If you think prices are bad now, I can't imagine how far RL cards will go in the distant future. All rights reserved. I buy 1 of every box that has fun stuff. Privacy Policy & Terms & Conditions. This also has to do with legacy foils, which are another very lucrative thing for wizards (secret lairs may have these at some point, but are also valuable for judge promos, event foils, masters sets, collectors addition). I may remember incorrectly but when I was a kid, I think it was Ice Age that came up with a bunch of reprints of some great cards. I have 60 of the 98, and the majority of the "rares". Reserved List buyouts are back, with Ancestral Knowledge disappearing from the internet last weekend. A 90% optimized EDH deck can still have very good game against a 99% optimized deck. But Wizards has been steadily decreasing support for those formats over the years, instead focusing on Standard/Modern and now Pioneer. If you want to buy non-reserve list cards in modern sets, you should stick with original foils. Dual lands are a perfect example of this. Look at goyf, it took a beating and still holds a high price. Because Urza and Wren and six are compatibly powerful compared to many of those expensive cards, and the game has proven that 50 dollar cards can hold or grow their price over time. Spending 80 on a foil true name nemesis Is not that big of a deal when your deck costs 2,000 even without it. RL cards are lazy specs and this same thing happened during the peak of the crypto boom and it's happening now because everyone is stuck at home, flush with unemployment cash and covid bucks. Collectability is central to the appeal of the game. Last big cards I need are Juzam and Shahrazad. Must contain one letter, one number, and be at least 6 characters. Safe to say there are not enough timetwisters and old duals out there to meet the cEDH demand. What does it matter if you're running [[Reforge the Soul]] instead of [[Wheel of Fortune]]? The biggest reason that this is true is that the fact that any card is worth thousands / hundreds of dollars makes it not so outlandish that Urza or Wrenn and six are worth ~50 or so. Like, some of these decks don't want to play multiple copies of the wheel effect, so they're already picking either twister or time spiral, but NOT both (even when they have access to both). 1. form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. The reserved list actually fixes some problems with card games, and is the reason mtg finance is even possible, and part of the reason for mtg’s longevity in general. Wizards have also chosen to start tapping the secondary market directly via secret lair so why spoil a good thing? Someone building a Xyris deck is going to go on EDHREC, see that Echo of Eons does exactly what Wheel does and just run that, they're not going to quit EDH because of the Reserved List. No player plays the game because there is a RL and no "collector" collects these cards because they are on a list. Cards like [[Phyrexian Altar]] are expensive because it hasn't been reprinted yet and its a popular card in EDH. If someone playing reserved list cards were sweeping tables and ruining the experience for people it might be an issue, but there are “close enough” versions of most of the best cards that you can play without them. If the value of the Reserved List triples from nearly $80000 today to $240000 in the distant future, what's going to happen? The FOMO is real with this one, and Sig regrets not buying a copy for his collection earlier. Would you mind elaborating? If MTG can simply decide to reprint them and therefore devalue them, what is the driver of their value? I understand that the MTG Reserve list are card that MTG promises not to reprint in any form. Speculat(e/ing) And also, those same cards are used as flagship cards to sell the reprint sets (Masters). It doesn't help when they change rarities...honestly i think they do it on purpose, so they can reprint a card over and over. EDH is a format where a 3 mana card that does the same thing as a 2 mana card is just fine and I think the impact of cEDH where that's not the case is being overstated as people try to come up with ex post facto reasons for cards like Copy Artifact going up. We all feel it to a lesser extent, when you buy something and the price drops, or the card gets announced for a reprint.

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