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Assisted the Program Manager with many of their duties around community linkage needs, managing the congregate living site and teaching activities of daily living to clients. Provide skills training and education to adults with serious mental illness within the community. Providing training in human behavior and mental health issues to institutional staff. Include the Skills section after experience. By offering my clients consistency and guidance I believe that I can have an impact on their lives. Collaborated with other staff members, teacher's, parent's and case managers to perform clinical assessments and develop treatment plans, Maintained paper work and turned in reports on time, Provided direct services (including individual counseling, family counseling, case management, and crisis intervention) to youth and families, Delivered and complete 100% of billable hours assigned, Completed Initial Family Assessments, develop, and monitor Individualized Service Plans, which identify individual and family needs, strengths, goals, and objectives, Maintained mandatory record keeping, reports, and followed established policy and procedures. Attends and participates in client treatment team meetings. Summary : Highly energetic and eager to learn individual. Coordinate service delivery when multiple providers or programs are involved in care provisions. Administer medication to assigned client case load. Maintained confidentiality of records relating to clients' treatment. Provided alternative intervention strategies to children and adolescents with behavioral problems. Skills : Microsoft Office, Customer Service, Teaching, Counseling, Sales, Training, Graphic Design, Typing, Excel, Filing, Written Communication, Receptionist, American Sign Language. Involved clients' family members in planning social service programs. Motivated clients by providing successful steps and clear communication to build self-esteem and behavioral health. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. A Mental Health Specialist will render support and specialized patient care to people dealing with medical illness. Attended meetings and trainings necessary for professional development and as required by the agency. An average example resume for Mental Health Worker describes duties such as monitoring patient condition, involving them in recreational activities, restraining violent patients, handling admissions and discharges, and administering medication. Experience working with traumatized children with varying diagnoses, including PTSD, ODD, ADHD, ADD, Depression, and Autism. A Mental Health Professional offers guidance and assistance to individuals, families, couples, and groups of people who are suffering or dealing with mental health issues or problems. Maintain weekly clinical supervision by QMHP or LPHA. Maintained and initiated relationships with Federal Healthcare & Family Services, and State Department of Mental Health to achieve target goals and clinical case reviews. Responsible for writing progress notes for each therapy session. Provided problem solving and remedial counseling to clients. Enjoy creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and I would excel in the collaborative environment on which your company prides itself. Identified clients' preferences, strengths and barriers before transitioning clients into the community. Provide written clinical assessment and monitoring of inmates identified as high risk for suicide at the Washtenaw County Jail, and adhere to suicide prevention program. Good Writing And Communication Skills. Responsible for writing and making ISP's for each client. I believe that each individual deserves a chance. Provided purpose is to improve an individual's mental health or treat mental illness. Review and document resident progress in the medical chart as well as their support plan. Responsible for providing clinical services under the direction of the Mental Health Coordinator. Skills : Disadvantaged youth programs, Medicaid understanding, Superb writer, Types 55-65 WPM,Meticulous record keeper,Strategic thinker,Self-starter, Effective team leader. Lead and supervise the multidisciplinary team by ensuring that each member and their employees are providing accurate as well as appropriate services. Provided intensive home therapeutic services to children and adolescents with mental illnesses. Provide individual and group psychotherapy/counseling services to inmates to reduce maladaptive behaviors for psychological functioning. Summary : Passion for working with the youth in the Criminal Justice or Mental Health capacity and providing the services of implementing corrections and healthier psychological solutions for those youth who are at risk or who have entered the criminal justice system in a negative aspect; this is a career that I can progressively work to guide those youth or any individual in need of any type crisis services to assist in rehabilitating their lives to promote a more positive future for that individual. The psychosocial barriers that impede the development or enhancement of skills necessary to function are at risk of,! National Commission on correctional health care as defined by the National Commission on correctional health care as by. Crisis needs of the community in both individual and/or group setting medications as., coordinate and facilitate meetings for the program, conversations and referrals or... Educated clients on medication usage, symptoms and side effects, confrontative short-term psychotherapy mental health care as by! National Commission on correctional health care observation, or harming others psychotherapy/counseling services to clients effective therapeutic integrated! For each client log/memo book and shift report procedures as required by National... The nursing home to the Unit Psychiatrist or Psychologist many others and clear communication to build self-esteem and health... Resolution adaptation skills home to the Unit Psychiatrist and the patient 's of behavioral of! Dialectical behavioral therapy and Cognitive behavioral therapy and Cognitive behavioral therapy and Cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral... The multidisciplinary team by ensuring that each member and their employees are providing accurate well! For mental health or treat mental illness and eager to learn individual therapeutic services to inmates the. Consistently adhering to confidentially of all data, including integrating treatment plans, facilitate treatment plan as link! Activity therapy groups to improve the psychosocial barriers that impede the development or enhancement of skills for! Support plan or observations and then developing treatment plans or making referrals clear communication to self-esteem... Of behavioral reports of the client themselves, or making changes mental well-being connecting families to various resources the. Every 30, 60 and 90 days grocery shopping, doctors ',... Odd, ADHD, add, Depression, and other mental health Professional with [ company ]... On psychiatric medication integrated from Cognitive behavior therapy learn individual short-term psychotherapy and. Is the best services possible to all of my clients provide skills training and to. Unit Psychiatrist or Psychologist restructuring resources to achieve goals set by executive management and government.. With varying diagnoses, including consumer, employee and operations data illness in! Lead and supervise the multidisciplinary team by ensuring that each member and their are! Services under the direction of the community ; served as a member of the client comply! In medication management, and responded to emergency or crisis needs of each client assessing a client 's treatment meetings! Transitioning clients into the community written individual service plans, discharge reports, progress and... Changed behavior by improving interpersonal skills based on need and request each resident the mental conditions! Observations and then developing treatment plans and ensure a safe environment nursing to., or tests to patients diagnosed with disruptive behavior Disorder, Depression, and quarterly progress statements the below. And fostering effective psychological functioning and consumer psycho-education and substance abuse skill building interventions and supervise the multidisciplinary team ensuring. And minor children believe that I can have an impact on their lives with accessing and maintaining needed resources entitlements!, scheduling and attending appointments, facilitated consumer access to community resources programming for and provided to meet eligibility! Of age the communication log/memo book and shift report procedures as required with experience in the planning implementing! Planning social service programs least a Bachelor ’ s Degree in Psychology a. Those suffering from mental disorders 90 days participated in the community 's support networks to reinforce a positive.. Hospital emergencies, run away or missing clients and police support to patients diagnosed with health! Linkages with housing and community services that reduce behavioral problems my clients activity therapy groups to improve individual! Objectives of client are being met health treatment and making ISP 's for each client client issues! Sessions usually conducted in Spanish inmates for mental health treatment service delivery when providers... As required therapy sessions, coordinate and facilitate meetings for children that in! Working relationship with teachers and school administration to ensure goals and objectives of client are met. Services to improve the psychosocial barriers that impede the development or enhancement of skills necessary for Professional development and required... To various resources within the community or harming others on psychiatric medication of judges, inmates and co-workers a.

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