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• Complete text in Latin and in English PARTS: Its parts in general (128). Patience (136) and its opposed vices. Its secondary, external acts of latria through bodily reverence (84). The offering of things to God such as sacrifices (85), oblations and first-fruits (86), tithes (87) and vows (88). Question 1. GIFTS (KNOWLEDGE): Prophecy itself (171) and its cause (172), mode (173), and division (174). googletag.cmd.push(function(){googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1513315455001-0');}); Accordingly we may reduce the whole of moral matters to the consideration of the virtues, which themselves may be reduced to seven in number. The precepts (22) relating to hope and fear. Magnificence (134) and its opposed vices (135). Dulia (103) and obedience (104), opposed by disobedience (105). How does the soul know itself? Verbal injuries inflicted extrajudicially include reviling (72), backbiting (73), tale-bearing (74), derision (75), and cursing (76). The Nature and Extent of Sacred Doctrine 2. The precepts (22) relating to hope and fear. The religious state: its requirements (186), its proper realm (187), its variations (188) and the entrance into religious life (189). Verbal injuries in judicial proceedings can be inflicted by the judge (67), the accuser (68), the defendant (69), the witnesses (70), or by the defending attorney (71). DIVERSITIES OF LIFE: The division of life into active and contemplative (179). The eight-volume set does not include the Supplementum at this time. Justice JUSTICE ITSELF: Right (57), justice (58), injustice (59) and judgment (60). Only 2 left in stock - order soon. JUSTICE ITSELF: Right (57), justice (58), injustice (59) and judgment (60). Summa Theologiae Prima Pars, 1-49 (Latin-English Opera Omnia) Saint Thomas Aquinas. DIVERSITIES OF LIFE: The division of life into active and contemplative (179). CONNECTED VIRTUES (RELIGION): Religion in itself (81). Through what does it know them and how? PRUDENCE ITSELF: The virtue of prudence (47). CONNECTED VIRTUES (PIETY): Piety (101) and its opposite vices. Adam's sin which was pride: The sin itself (163), the punishments (164) of this first sin, and the temptation (165). The contemplative (180) and active (181) lives specifically. Of the intellectual virtues there is one, prudence, which is included and numbered among the cardinal virtues. New English Translation of St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologiae (Summa Theologica) by Alfred J. Freddoso University of Notre Dame Prima Pars (Part 1) The religious state: its requirements (186), its proper realm (187), its variations (188) and the entrance into religious life (189). Truth in God; falsity in God. 1485, written from 1265–1274; also known as the Summa Theologica or the Summa), as the best-known work of Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–1274), is a compendium of all of the main theological teachings of the Catholic Church, intended to be an instructional guide for theology students, including seminarians and the literate laity. In particular, it is difficult and expensive to acquire an edition in the original language in which St. Thomas wrote—the Church’s mother tongue of Latin—and for many who are either just learning to read Latin or who wish to glance occasionally at an English translation while working with the original, there has never been an adequate and convenient bilingual edition of the Summa. and F. Leo Moore, O.P., S.T.L.Imprimatur. PRECEPTS: The precepts (140) of fortitude. The parts of lust (154). The vice of irreligion, which is opposed by deficiency, and includes temptation of God (97), perjury (98), sacrilege (99) and simony (100). The government of things in general; how God changes creatures. • Hardcover, quality binding in an 8 volume set The gift of fear (19), and the opposing vices of despair (20) and presumption (21). As to the first, we must observe that if we were to treat of each virtue, gift, vice, and precept separately, we should have to say the same thing over and over again. The other three intellectual virtues, namely wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, agree, even in name, with some of the gifts of the Holy Ghost. The contemplative and active lives compared (182). How bodies change; fate; how man changes in general, Man's last end; what happiness consists in, Habits in general; their causes and effects, Virtues; cardinal and theological virtues, The gifts, beatitudes and blessings of the Holy Ghost, Vice and sin in themselves; the comparison of sins, The general causes of sin; the internal causes of sin, The external causes of sin, such as the devil and man himself, The corruption of nature the stain of sin; punishment for venial and mortal sin, The essence of law; the various kinds of law; its effects, The old law; ceremonial and judicial precepts, Grace: its necessity, essence, cause and effects. Providence, Predestination and the book of life. Sloth (35) and envy (36), which are opposed, respectively, to our own joy and the joy of our neighbor. Scandal (43), the vice opposed to beneficence. GIFT: The corresponding gift of wisdom (45) and folly (46) which is opposed to wisdom. - Volume 21.djvu VICES: Unbelief in general (10), heresy (11), apostasy (12), blasphemy in general (13) and against the Holy Ghost (14). 'Summary of Theology'; publ. Three of these are theological, and of these we must treat first, while the other four are the cardinal virtues, of which we shall treat afterwards (Question 47). The taking of things from God, such as sacraments (see the Third Part) and the taking of His Name by adjuration (90), in prayer (83) or praise (91), or in order to confirm an assertion (89). How an angel acts on another angel; the hierarchies of good and evil spirits. PARTS (POTENTIAL): Continence (155) and its opposite, incontinence (156). In connection with the other voluntary commutations no special kind of sin is to be found distinct from rapine and theft. 1-119) Index. Fortitude FORTITUDE ITSELF: The virtue of fortitude (123) and martyrdom (124), its principle act. Gratitude (106) opposed by ingratitude (107). VICES: The vices opposed to prudence, some of which are obviously opposed such as imprudence (53) and negligence (54) which is opposed to solicitude; and others which bear a false resemblance (55) to prudence. $39.00. Of the intellectual virtues there is one, prudence, which is included and numbered among the cardinal virtues. The Summa Theologiae (transl. PARTS (QUASI-INTEGRAL): The quasi-integral parts of justice—"do good" and "avoid evil" (79)—and the opposite vices. Hence in treating about each cardinal virtue we shall treat also of all the virtues which, in any way whatever, belong to that virtue, as also of the opposite vices. ed.) Sobriety (149) and its contrary vice, drunkenness (150). Its principal, interior acts which are devotion (82) and prayer (83). Restitution (62), which would seem to be an act of commutative justice. For it has been shown above (I-II:72) that vices and sins differ in species according to the matter or object, and not according to other differences of sins, for instance, in respect of being sins of thought, word, and deed, or committed through weakness, ignorance, or malice, and other like differences. Dulia (103) and obedience (104), opposed by disobedience (105). st. thomas aquinas the summa theologica translated by fathers of the english dominican province :index. GIFT: The corresponding gift (139) of fortitude. FAITH ITSELF: The object of faith (1). Faith FAITH ITSELF: The object of faith (1). The precepts of faith, knowledge and understanding. CONNECTED VIRTUES (GENERAL): The quasi-potential parts of justice are the virtues connected with justice, in general (80) and specifically. Vices: unbelief in general, heresy, apostasy and blasphemy. The virtues of clemency and meekness (157) and their contrary vices: anger (158) that is opposed to meekness and cruelty (159) that is opposed to clemency. Faith itself: the object of faith; the virtue of faith; the cause and effects of faith.

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