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DORMAA DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE (DOAD) BRG27. The Ghana Young Pioneer Movement was banned from operation immediately after the overthrow of Dr. Nkrumah’s Convention People Party (CPP) government in February, 1966. offers its reading audience with a comprehensive online source for up-to-the-minute news about politics, business, entertainment and other issues in Ghana, © 2020 - An online portal owned and managed by Despite Media. The Cocoa Division started as a special unit of the Department of Agriculture in the late 1930s primarily to handle disease on cocoa farms in the country. It is a regional hospital and the main referral hospital in the Brong Ahafo region. took over power in 1981 through the 31st December Revolution. The office is responsible for the enforcement of legal provisions, and for the supervision of activities regarding labour in the region. In October 1907 following the administrative changes, the name ‘district’ was changed to ‘province’ and the office became the office of the provincial commissioner. The regional minister who was taken round some departments, including the … The best place to receive your best and professional medical care is the Sunyani regional hospital. It was controlled by a resident district commissioner who was under the supervision of the western provisional commissioner. They consist of monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports of the government institutions in the region. sunyani municipal hospital. The SAU records include complaints, petitions and reports of its investigations. 392 likes. The jurisdiction of the district covered the present Sunyani, Berekum, Dormaa, Jaman, Techiman, Wenchi, Asutifi and Asunafo districts. The Brong Ahafo Regional Administrative Office was established at Sunyani in May, 1958 when the Convention People’s Party (CPP) government appointed the second Regional Commissioner for Ashanti Region which at that time included the present Brong Ahafo region. The office is headed by a regional director who is a professional medical doctor. The functions of RMOH, Brong Ahafo was before 1963 being performed by the Regional Ministry of Health in Kumasi which was responsible for both Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions. In 1948, the unit was re-organised under two separate divisions, namely Cocoa Disease and Rehabilitation Division (CDCRD) and Department of Cocoa Rehabilitation (DCR). The office was legally established in April, 1959, under the Brong Ahafo Region Act, 1959 (No. subriso chps compound. Please report any inappropriate content to us, and we will evaluate it as a matter of priority. The functions of the office include the supervision of the public schools in the district. Other committees mentioned include Agricultural Development Roads Committee, Regional Economic Committee, Local Government Management Committee, Committee to honour the memory of the late ex-President Nkrumah, Town and Village committees, Regional Commodities Distribution Committee and People’s Defence Committee (PDC). Sunyani. The possibility of rainwater getting into the hole and pollute underground water is high. The attached records marked ‘PA/BA’ are his correspondence with the districts, schools and other institutions in the region. The team hailed and praised the regional hospital for maintaining the high standard of the facility and encouraged it to do more in order to improve upon their marks come next year. The title of the head of the district administration became PNDC District Secretary when the Provisional National Defence Council (P.N.D.C.) The Wench district administrative office on many occasions before 1952 amalgamated with the Sunni district office. It is responsible for the maintenance of  law and order and seeing to the development of the area. In 1946, the unit was renamed Survey and Swollen Shoot Unit (SSSU). st mary's catholic hospital. The Dormaa District Administrative Office was established on October 11, 1960, when a District Commissioner was appointed for the Sunyani West Electoral District within the administrative district of Sunyani. Specifically it is responsible for maintaining law and order and seeing to the development of the region. ft  (41 Vols.). The services include pharmacy, physiotherapy and radiography. The Regional Forestry Office is responsible for the general forestry conservation in Brong Ahafo region. These are records relating to non-governmental organisations. In October, 1969 when the military government handed over the administration to an elected the Progress Party (PP) government the office became the Office of the District Chief Executive and headed by a District Chief Executive. The office is responsible for maintenance of  law and order, supervision of government departments in the district and seeing to the development of its area of jurisdiction. SUNYANI DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE (DAOS) (BRG 2). It was headquartered at Dormaa Ahenkro. Among some of the organisations are Ghana Horticultural Society, Association of Alcohol Distillers, Youth Movements, Voluntary Workcamps Associations of Ghana, religious organisations, farmers organisations, sporting clubs and the National Association of Local Councils. These are records relating to health matters in the region. Although the office has undergone various administrative reforms but its main functions have remained the same. These include correspondence on hospitals, clinics, health centres and health posts. The National Organizer in Accra was the overall head of the movement. The office is now headed by a director and under the direct supervision of the Regional Director of Education responsible for Brong Ahafo region. These two provincial offices which combined in 1920 to form the Western Province of Ashanti was the prologue to the Regional Administrative Office. The Regional House of Chiefs was established in Brong Ahafo regions in 1959 in accordance with the Section 3 of the House of Chiefs Act, 1958 (No.20 of 1958). During the British colonial administration in Ashanti the office was under the supervision of the Provincial Forestry Officer in Kumasi. The reports are arranged chronologically. The operation of the movement included the training of the youth in Ghanaian folklore, culture and tradition, local history, drama, music, geography and civic education. Searchers are advised to browse through the list of this class if they are unable to locate a subject of their research in the other class lists. The day to day administration of the house is the responsibility of the Regional Registrar. In 1964, the division was re-established within the Ministry of Agriculture The and renamed the Cocoa Division. However, it must be noted under the Ashanti Administration Ordinance of 1902, the Brong Ahafo region formed the Western and Northern Provinces of Ashanti. It became a sub-division of Kumasi District until 1959 when a district commissioner was appointed to take charge of the district. It is the link between Ministry of Education, the Ghana education service headquarters and the various educational institutions within its area of operation. He mentioned that the whole treatment plant is obsolete and cannot function any longer even if repaired.Mr Kyei Baffour explained that the dug-out manhole where they use car tyres and petrol to burn clinical waste cannot be re-checked after burning to find out if all materials are totally destroyed, thus, making it dangerous to continue disposing of clinical waste that way. GOASO DISTRICT ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE (DAOG) BRG4. See Guide part 1 for the administrative history of Regional Administrative Office. Currently, the Forestry Department is one of the four divisions of Ghana Forestry Commission. The medical director enjoins all staff to maintain and sustain the quality health care and not make it just an event but a sustainable change. The Post and Telecommunications Corporation was established under the Posts and Telecommunications Corporation Decree, 1975 (NRCD 311). ghana red cross optical services. They include correspondence on Sunyani Forestry Training School, Ghana Academy of Sciences, Ghana Research Institute and Brong Ahafo United Sporting Club. The survey was made by Captain J. R. Dickinson, M.C., a British Trade Unionist at the request of the colonial government. The committee was headed by an appointed chairman. It functions cover the registration of labour; the operations of the public employment centres; collection and publication of information regarding employment trends and opportunities; maintenance of peaceful relations between workers and employers; inspection of industries and condition of labour. (BRG1/4) (RAO4) LANDS AND BOUNDARY MATTERS. In 1957, DCR and CDCRD were merged and renamed Cocoa Industry Division (CID). The Regional Labour Office was established at Sunyani in 1960. 061-28456/28460/28461 DIRECT LINES • Medical Director, 06128462, fax 061-24012 . greenlight pharmacy. The Techiman Traditional Council was established under the Chieftancy Act 1961 (Act 81). BRG1/11 (RAOS11) RECORDS RELATING TO THE GOVERNMENT. He is assisted in the administration of the hospital by the hospital secretary who is responsible for the day to day administration. The records are chronologically arranged. HTML code is not allowed. The office co-ordinates the activities of the district education offices in the region. The council is vested with jurisdiction to make proposals for amendment and modification of the customary law, for the consideration of the Regional House Chiefs at Sunyani.

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