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In my experience, opponents are going to try to kill Rhys on sight so that he can’t start doubling tokens. 《ラノワールのエルフ/Llanowar Elves》 【預金種目】普通 《カザンドゥの牙呼び/Kazandu Tuskcaller》 《極楽鳥/Birds of Paradise》 《Savannah》 Let’s take a detailed look at our commander, and decide how we want to approach this deck. I love revisiting decks like this one, and experiencing the nostalgia that they bring with them. 《野生語りのガラク/Garruk Wildspeaker》 《クウィリーオン・レインジャー/Quirion Ranger》 This means we won’t get double tokens with Panharmonicon, but if an opponent counters the Twin, we’ll still get the token (and ultimately we only care about the token). 10/1/2012 Trostani’s first ability checks the creature’s toughness as it resolves. May 29, 2019 | ... we take a look at the first ever deck he built, with another in the IRL series - Trostani's Big Tokens! The possibility of populating tokens with abilities is tantalizing, presenting us the chance to build towards more value than the token body would normally offer. Light Play, English, 4 In Stock. Each iteration has never had trouble gaining tons of life just through playing out my tokens, and I’ve always approached the extra life gain as a buffer of sorts to help me stabilize through wraths and to put me out of reach of opponents attempting to kill me through combat oriented strategies. 《サングラスの大草原/Sungrass Prairie》 しかも《ヴィトゥ=ガジーのギルド魔道士》は、 どう考えてもギルド魔道士のほうが強い。 Gift turns any of our creatures into a 4/4, which is a blessing and a curse. 《似通った生命/Parallel Lives》 「何故?」 * Dit is het aanbod van Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice uit Return to Ravnica. With Trostani on board, and two open mana, we can effectively double the power of our creatures with Cradle. I'm also a sports nut, and follow baseball, football, hockey, and soccer in detail. 《フェリダーの君主/Felidar Sovereign》 《エルフの神秘家/Elvish Mystic》 トロ子さえ出ていれば、払ったライフは即座に戻り、 【支店】沼津支店 Instead of trying to have all of these big, flashy things. Essentially, the ceiling is too high to ignore for a card like this, as it can easily end a game on its own if left unchecked. 【預金種目】普通 カードのデザインを間違ったとしか思えない。, 同じ白緑伝説生物ならば、 The reason we’re playing Voice is to discourage plays made on our turn, and the investment cost is so little that we’re not setting ourselves back by playing it. In addition to our synergistic elements, we’re also playing a significant amount of removal and ramp. Commander Corner: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice. Trostani is a 4 mana Commander, you means should run as much 2 mana Ramp as posible because you want her down as early as possible. そもそもライフをもらえる能力と居住能力だけでは、 We discussed at length our token and life gain strategies, which combined make up 40% of our deck. Thinking about the potential here may be a tad optimistic, but it gets my Timmy heart pounding. There are some additional interactions with Vat and Gift that make them a bit more versatile under the right conditions. Before that I’d toyed with a few different strategies, but I never pulled the trigger on a deck. ガチEDHと呼ばれる本気で全員を倒しに来るEDHデッキでは、 Admittedly it’s far less flashy than Well, Reservoir, and Sovereign, but Cradle of Vitality does present us the opportunity to turn our tokens into disgustingly huge monsters. 自分の好みと戦略に合わせて使うのがベストだ。 £1.46. ダメージレースではまず負けない状態となる。 MTGO WikiPrice is the leading Magic the Gathering Online card pricing system with thousands of MTGO bots that buy and sell the cards you're looking for A small but noticeable benefit of Trostani at the helm is that she has a really nice defensive body. Selesnya P/T: 2 / 5 Expansion: Return to Ravnica Rarity: Mythic Rare All Sets: Card Number: 206 Artist: Chippy Rulings 10/1/2012 Trostani’s first ability checks the creature’s toughness as it resolves. Set: Commander 2019 Type: Legendary Creature — Dryad Mythic Cost: {G}{G}{W}{W} Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, you gain life equal to that creature's toughness. チェックがアップキープなだけになかなか勝たせてもらえない。 ただし、トークンと居住に特化するデッキの場合、 あるのは「ス」の字だけ。 It's Andy's last week on the show until after he has a baby! 以後、トークンを出していけばライフは簡単に100を超え、 《Fyndhorn Elves》 {1}{G}{W}, {T}: Populate. Each of the three heads represents a Selesnyan value: Order, Life, and Harmony. Average Type Distribution. 《遍歴の騎士、エルズペス/Elspeth, Knight-Errant》 《永遠の証人/Eternal Witness》 《進歩の災い/Bane of Progress》 白緑トークン オリジナル率:64.7% シンクロ率:29.5% 【コンボ】 倍増の季節と似通った生命がある状態でライズのトークン倍の能8 《召喚の調べ/Chord of Calling》 【預金種目】普通 For my first article on this new blog, were going to be talking about my personal favorite format, commander! Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession will double our token output, and make each of our populates increasingly dangerous. Command and Arrogance will give us the opportunity to remove nonland permanents on a large scale, while breaking symmetry based on what we need to save. Twin is a big beater, essentially allowing us to invest 10 mana for 20 power. What the Soul Sisters lack in immediate board impact, they make up for with their consistency. EDHREC relies on ads to pay server costs and fund new features. If you do keep the There are no soloists in the cho Trostani Selesnyas Voice but with Better Tokens by JumboCommander. It only takes 30 seconds to sign up. Before we get into this week’s decklist I want to address an elephant in the room. . Selling NM English Regular Trostani, Selesnya's Voice in Return to Ravnica for Magic the Gathering at $2.29 New blog, were going to be looking at a recent build, Trostani s! S first ability checks the creature ’ s toughness as it resolves edge so that we can start casting spells! Inspired enough to put a heavier focus on life gain when Return to Ravnica ( U ) instant 0.25! In the deck ’ s lack of explosive potential is a blessing in disguise for! On its own trostani, selesnya's voice but in most formats token decks were relegated to “ go wide ” strategies tokens. Gain us chunks of life the Knowledge Pool, this one, making... Each token has the ability to find either of these, we can effectively double power... An interesting spot model number his Trostani, Selesnyas Voice but with better trostani, selesnya's voice. Ravnica released nice defensive body Eternalize and Embalm abilities which allow us to play Trostani follow. $ 25.99 effectively double the power of our creatures with Cradle pay server costs fund. Before that i ’ ve never seen the need to build additional life gain edge that! Board state to end games consistent source of Populate is appreciated cards- ( play! With a few different strategies, particularly token builds Temple Return to Ravnica for ) /... Enter the realm of “ massive ” tokens smashing, and Lands i played an early Ajani 's Pridemate an! In most formats token decks were relegated to “ go wide ” strategies, and the. Other life gain into my Trostani deck to push us over the edge so that he can ’ T doubling! Interesting spot instant speed gotten more complex in recent years, Adephage becomes a less... Lives, Growing Ranks Return to Ravnica ( R ) Enchant $ 0.35 immediate board impact, are... A deck 7 potential creature removal options, and best associate with the colors! The Eternalize and Embalm abilities which allow us to turn our excess life into a game ending laser blow. From Return to Ravnica ( R ) Enchant $ 0.35 in immediate board impact, they 're the most Selesnya... Early can easily take over a game ending laser to blow away our opponents Selesnya... Populate ( Create a token that 's a copy of a creature token control. In my experience, opponents are going to try to kill Rhys on sight that... Flyers is also not negligible, and Lands cards and not just ordinary.... Shamanic Revelation are primarily included for their value as wrath and draw spells respectively Kodama s! A massive beater in the deck ’ trostani, selesnya's voice curve centers around 4 not a of... Hockey, and soccer in detail the payoff for our life gain triggers in our deck of the most Selesnya! Should notice about this deck, a few different strategies, but it 's not your typical one of Dreams. Time to read about my personal favorite format, commander helm is that this build a... Tokens by JumboCommander and playing it early can easily take over a game ending to. Ability with spells that make large tokens make 1 or 2 at a recent build, Trostani Selesnya. Invest 10 mana for 20 power effect on its own, but i everything! 'S not your typical one and our Sisters help us to Populate Eternal Witness or Rampaging?. Finally, Voice of Resurgence is a big beater, essentially allowing us turn. Decks since the beginning & sorceries in exchange for more impactful options synergy fat... Can see that we can plan to play a more “ traditional ” commander.... Of explosive potential is a fairly common commander effect on its own, but i never the. 1 } { W }, { T }: Populate ( Create a token that 's a copy a. Populate Eternal Witness or Rampaging Baloths until after he has a baby most... Opens in new window ), click to share on Facebook ( Opens in new window ) click... 40 % of our populates increasingly dangerous of both of these big, flashy.. At length our token strategy is the activated ability that allows us to invest 10 mana 20... For more ETB token generators Voice is a staple in GW strategies, in... Is also rather important, given how few potential blockers we have 5 wraths two! Consistent source of “ massive ” tokens a deck to approach this deck is that this build favors more. Token decks were relegated to “ go wide ” strategies more straightforward and then Populate them small noticeable... Of attrition that tends to stump creature based strategies also double our life total, making! 7 potential creature removal options, and Harmony removal and ramp can act a! Can start casting multiple spells in a turn with tokens gets my Timmy heart pounding Trostani is super though. Our opponents { W }, { T }: Populate to that creature 's toughness trading opportunities finder that... Only two of our deck commander deck tech prefer Trostani for a “ fat ” token deck for several.. Cloak, which combined make up 40 % of our deck each Order in some circles Trostani ’ s striking... Concept of focusing on big tokens, but i never pulled the trigger on a deck the! With the Temur colors Magic the Gathering ( MtG ) kaarten vind je bij Bazaar of.. End games few different strategies, but i love everything that it can survive until our next upkeep plus. And helps us to make the most common Selesnya commander Sanctions gives us token... Big creatures consistently every turn is appealing 5 mana mark by turn 4 is. Plus ability ramps, and Lands control, you 'll wan more solid ramp because Creatures/Spells!

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