when to use tengo in spanish

Time: 0.0821, Contact (Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a popular city.). 8 years ago. = I am in Mexico. )Tiene un coche casi nuevo con una garantía fuerte. (Before the war, she possessed three houses. In this case, the definite article is unnecessary. Real sentences showing how to use Tengo correctly. A definite article refers to a specific place or thing. More info. This can be shortened to: English: I have them. The word tengo is the present form of tener in the first person singular. Éllos tienen dinero. For example, if you want to express the phrase a similar problem or what a pity in Spanish, you’d say problema semejante (proh-bvleh-mah seh-meh-Hahn-teh) or qué lástima (keh lahs-tee-mah), respectively. The word tengo is the present form of tener in the first person singular. I am learning Spanish following the Michel Thomas Method. Pucca. When do I use 'tengo' and when do I use 'estoy'!!!??? After practicing and listening, it eventually just became obvious which one to use depending on the situation. (Mr. Robles is a liberal teacher.) An indefinite article refers to persons or objects not specifically identified. ); Tuvimos cuatro campeones en el mismo momento. These conditions are nationality, profession, and religious or political affiliation. Spanish Sentences Maker. Suomi But we also use it for many feelings or other things (tengo hambre – I’m hungry; tengo 28 años – I’m 28 years old; tengo sueño – I’m sleepy), as well as for expressing obligation (the “I have to ______” form – tener que). (It's windy. and required to achieve Él tiene un carro. If you’re referring to a family or business relationship, don’t drop the indefinite article, even if the unmodified nouns are in apposition. Nederlands She is the author of CliffsStudySolver Spanish I and Spanish II, and Webster's New World Spanish Grammar Handbook. Welcome! See common phrases containing Tengo in Spanish. (He owns an almost new car with a strong guarantee. He's hungry.) In Spanish, the words lo, la, los and las can be used to replace direct objects. Tener - To Have. Tiene hambre. Examples of using Tengo Vómito in a sentence and their translations Tengo vómito en el pelo. )The way I understand it is that "hambre" and "sueño" are not actually meant to mean "hungry" and "sleepy". (They have money.) Now check out this example: Tenía, como, el presentimiento de que me iba a pasar algo. It means, “to have”, speaking about possession. Sentence pairs containing tienes translated in English and Spanish. tengo (lang: sp) The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs (English and Spanish) containing that word/phrase. Tengo is the yo conjugation of the verb “tener” which means to have. Conjugating the Irregular Spanish Verb Ir (to Go), Conjugating the Spanish Verb Leer (to Read), Conjugating the Spanish Verb Dormir (to Sleep), Conjugating the Irregular Spanish Verb Estar (to Be). Norsk Time: 0.0821, Results: 4147086, Log in Sign up. Hrvatski "Yo tengo" can be used sometimes to emphasize the idea ("Tengo que resolver esto" -> I must resolve this. To be honest though, reading through my comment has caused me to raise a question of my own: If I'm correct, then why WOULDN'T estar be used instead? Don’t include an indefinite article when these words modify a noun: cien (seeehn; one hundred), cierto (seeehr-toh; certain), mil (meel; one thousand), otro (oh-troh; other), qué (keh; what a), semejante (seh-meh-Hahn-teh; similar), or tal (tahl; such a). To state Mr. Robles is a teacher in Spanish, you’d say El señor Robles es professor. ¿Cuántos años tienes? Tengo planeado ir a Mexico = I plan to go to Mexico. I think you're referring to statements like: "tengo hambre" and "tengo sueño". Русский In the Spanish language, articles are often useful to indicate a subject’s number and gender. "Yo tengo que resolver esto" … Examples: Yo tengo un gato. Bahasa indonesia. Yo tengo una casa. Please help! Hi, well I think you misunderstand the verb translate. What is actually being said is along the lines of "I have HUNGER" or "I have SLEEPINESS".

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