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* Jack: Of course, technology's a pretty broad subject, isn't it? TRY technology IN A SENTENCE BELOW. Required fields are marked *. Computers and their related fields such as gaming and social networking are, not surprisingly, among the most fertile generators of new words; words which range from the technical to the merely descriptive to the innovatively humorous. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a12c6c2e9f0a0d4b7adb1b5229ad91d5" );document.getElementById("af0fb458ba").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Are you human? To advance means to move forward, so technological advancements are improvements in technology. setTimeout( Sarah: When we talk about technology, we mean any tools or machines that make lives easier. compatible. Sarah: State-of-the-art is a term used to describe technology that's the best of its kind. Cable TV is one technology that uses broadband data transmission. For daily English language lessons and tips, like our Learn English Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Some of the words in the lesson are: Digital native. FAQs on Essay on Technology. It might be a mobile phone or a washing machine or a toaster or cloud computing. Technology words are listed in alphabetical order. What do you think the future of technology will look like? Sarah: You might need to write an essay talking about the positive and negative aspects of technology so it's worth thinking about how you might structure it. appropriate. What are your dreams and how are you achieving them? Advancements in satellite technology have led to the development of self-driving cars. Jack: But of course, the impact of technology isn't always positive. cmos. For example, you say: Jack: You only use the if you're talking about a specific type of technology. Please reload the CAPTCHA. Jack: Take a moment to observe all the gadgets around you and how technology has changed your life. My phone has state-of-the-art camera technology. You can take portraits that look just like they're from a much bigger camera. A – No, technology is not harmful to human beings until it is used properly. C) Sarah: State-of-the-artis a term used to describe technology that's the best of its kind. So, that's a negative too. Sarah: A sudden and dramatic advancement in technology is sometimes described as a breakthrough. if ( notice ) Please share the video with your friends. Gadget Browser A software program that allows you to surf the web. (function( timeout ) { And innovative means it's advanced and original. Nic: Yeah, the software they use is really advanced. four })(120000); ); High-tech is a more general term and it means something is technologically advanced. notice.style.display = "block"; automated. Is that a new phone? technical knowledge. The noun monitor refers to the video screen used to display information on your computer.  =  Sarah: Well that will be fun. Q.1 What is Information technology? In this episode of Everyday English, we take a look at verbs related to money and key terms you need to use when talking about saving. Now remember to analyse the question and brainstorm the main points you want to cover in your essay before you start writing. Broadband is a type of communications technology whereby a single wire can carry more than one type of signal at once; for example, audio and video. alphanumerics. .hide-if-no-js { Sarah: Let’s have a look at some words that are often used to describe technology in a positive way. coin-operated. Sarah: The final paragraph in the essay is the conclusion. Jack: And I'm Jack. Sarah: Yeah, and if you drive too much instead of walking, then you might not get as much exercise. Technology Terms Vocabulary Word List (320) A) Access, Account, Activity, Administrative, Advantage, Advertisements, Animate, Applications, Art, Attachment, Audience. The technology they use in phones these days is amazing. Connect. scientific knowledge. FireFox NVDA users - To access the following content, press 'M' to enter the iFrame. Time limit is exhausted. Sarah: Here's another one: Mobile phones. Everyday English: Writing a formal letter. A – It is a form of technology that uses telecommunication and computer systems for study. When you're writing a formal letter or email, what should you include in it? Charlotte: I've seen them. In this English lesson you will learn English words about technology. B) Back up, Bandwidth, Banner, Basics, Benefit, Blog, Blue tooth, Bookmarks, Boot up, Broadband, Browser, Bugs, Bytes. timeout Technology is a bit part of our lives nowadays and we often speak about this topic with friends. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. So if I'm comparing the positive and negative aspects of technology, I might spend a few paragraphs outlining how machines and tools have made life easier, giving examples. Charlotte: Wow, Nic! }, Sample sentence: I... 2. Jack: There are three main parts to an essay. Now screen time is the amount of time that you spend looking at a phone, a computer or a tablet. It helps you keep in touch with your friends and promote causes but it can also help to spread fake news and encourage bullying. Jack: The word technology is a noun and it's uncountable which means you don't use the definite article, the. I really need to get a phone that's more up-to-date! Jack: But on the negative side, cars cause air pollution. Instead, it should be a summary of everything that you've mentioned so far. Perhaps we'll be interacting with robots? Cyber crime. Q.2 Is technology harmful to humans? Jack: Social media is another type of technology that has a lot of positives and negatives. Monitor. This is where you make your points and support them with evidence or examples. Here is another lesson to help you learn more vocabulary. The Language of Information Technology: 15 Words to Power Up Your IT Vocabulary 1. Good luck and thanks for watching. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. There's been a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Sarah: Cutting-edge is similar, but it means the latest or most up-to-date technology. It shouldn't introduce any new topics. Also, they send, retrieve, and store data. 5 var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_68"); My phone has state-of-the-art camera technology.

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