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Have you ever gone to church or crusade/conference, where you prayed so hard that you would receive your miracle, breakthrough or restoration afterwards? Have you seen people receive instant miracles or deliverance during meetings and they lose it quickly? Have you also seen people go back and get more fractured because they realized that they needed more an altar prayer. Are you looking for one to one ministry? If that is you, this ministry is for you!

  1. Are you suffering with ungodly soul ties? YES   NO
  2. Have you ever experienced rejections in different ways? YES   NO
  3. Have you or your parents suffered from fear, anxiety, depression or one these? YES   NO
  4. Have you ever experienced someone having sex with you at night in dreams or feels real? (Spiritual husband of wife) YES   NO
  5. Is there any occult or witchcraft in your family background? YES   NO
  6. Have you ever been oppressed or attacked by spirits? YES   NO
  7. Have you ever played with the Ouija board? YES   NO
  8. Have you or your parents ever participated in Halloween? YES   NO
  9. Do you have problems with read the Holy Bible or praying? YES   NO
  10. Do you suffered with low self-esteem, rejection or abandonment? YES   NO
  11. Have you suffered trauma? YES   NO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              If you answered YES to MORE than five of these questions, then healing, inner healing and deliverance is for you

In this room you find three to four people ready to help you!

Step 1: Email us (go to contact us)

Step 2: We will email you back. We will set an appointment for your interview on phone.

Step 3: We will begin session one

Each person is different and so are the number of sessions




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