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Social and economic services in Africa remain urgent due to worsening socio-economic conditions among vulnerable groups. In Zambia, poverty remains high unemployment levels continues to worsen. We have joined the fight against this injustice through the provision of Christ Centred education and training services, empowerment programs and evangelism and discipleship.

The vision of  Dream Kids Zambia began in a house in 1998 by Dr. Mayaba S. Choongo, who seeing orphans and vulnerable children rummaging in left over food and some kids contemplating suicide because they could not go to school. Dr. Choongo started helping these children who could not afford to pay for school.

Later her passion and vision of supporting and educating Children even grew deeper so much that after she published her first book, her proceeds went to supporting more than 200 children in primary school, more than 10 at high school students and more than 5 college students.  She continued supporting the children from their guardian’s homes were they sheltered with the hope of finding a place the children. We now support 300 orphans and vulnerable children.

The orphaned children are identified through the social welfare department and referrals from the community. And they are taken and sponsored at a Christian school while some are sponsored from there homes. Help us sponsor a child in boarding.

Contact us at: dreamkidszambia@gmail.com

We support 300 children in Zambia Malala village

Dream Kids Zambia

Dining Hall Project

Chilanga area

Here in Chilanga, we have a Christian school.

In Chilanga, we also support a few vulnerable kids from the community.

The Dinning Hall project at the school will enable us not only to allow our school children to feed from there but all to help the community in many different ways like hold revival meetings and during holidays feed the vulnerable children around the community.

We are almost finished! We are asking you to join us to complete this dinning hall


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