The School of Ministry Online & Distance!

The world is filled with people who are hurting, people under the bondages of, addiction, oppression, demonic illnesses, anxiety, depression, ungodly soul ties, father wounds, dysfunctional ties, spiritual spouses, curses, unforgiveness, evil covenants, demonic rituals and ceremonies, demonic games, demonic yokes, bondages, generational curses, etc.  How can such people be set free? How can they find inner healing?  Unfortunately enough, there are so many people who try to help those who are bound but their efforts are in vain hence the frustration in ministry. The unfavorable results are mainly due to lack of deeper understanding of advanced spiritual warfare. It is in view of the aforesaid that Healing and Deliverance School of Ministry hereafter called; The School of Ministry was prayerfully established to equip “the called” with the needed, knowledge, tools, and skills for effective ministry. We exist for you. Praise God you have come to the right place!


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